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2013 Video Jeong between us

Sungjin, CHOI

2012 Video Miracle on the Han River(고화질)

Publisher : Ministry of Strategy and Finance, KDI School
2013 Video 6th CCRN Colloquium_JEONG, Jaeseung

2013 Video Miracle on the Han River(저화질)

2013 Video 2013-Fall-FSA-Linkedin

2013 Video 2013-Fall-FSA-Naver

2013 Video 2013-Fall-FSA-Gap

2013 Video 2013-Fall-FSA-EPP

2013 Video 5th CCRN Colloquium_Park, Sang Ki

2013 Video 3rd CCRN Colloquium_Boyd W. Fuller

KDI School

2013 Video 20130419_CP_12_Macroeconomic Policy (Sec.2)

2013 Video 20130419_CP_17_Public Finance and Public Policy

2013 Video 20130419_CP_21_Real Estate and Development

2018 Video Seminar on SDGs and Development Policy

Lee, Dawoon

2013 Video 20130419_CP_09_Foreign Direct Investment / Entrepreneurship and Development

2013 Video 20130419_CP_02_Korean Economic Development(sec.1)

2013 Video 20130419_CP_15_Analysis of Policy Process (Sec.2)

2013 Video 20130419_CP_13_History of Economic Thought

2013 Video 20130419_CP_10_Theory and Economic Policy

2013 Video 4th CCRN Colloquium_Jeanne M. Brett