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Improving Social Acceptance for Carbon Taxation in South Korea

Yeochang, Yoon

Source : 45 Issue: 2Published : 2023-05-31View : 992
Sensemaking in crisis: Unpacking how teachers interpret and respond to online education as street-level bureaucrats

Bao, Nguyen Van, Do, Thao Ngoc, Cho, Yoon Cheong, Thuong, Phan Thi Song

Source : 11 Issue: 1Published : 2024-01View : 3033
Analyzing the direct role of governmental organizations in artificial intelligence innovation

Park, Jaehyuk

SourcePublished : 2023-12View : 2839
How open are African inventors? Open green technologies and patenting activities in Africa

Sanni, Maruf, Kim, Yeong Jae

SourcePublished : 2023View : 2539
통합문화이용권이 저소득 가구의 문화, 관광, 스포츠 분야 지출에 미치는 효과

최동욱, 김도형, 이창근, 이용관

Source : 16 Issue: 4Published : 2023-11View : 11432
The COVID-19 pandemic and fertility responses: TFR simulation analysis using parity progressions in South Korea

Choi, Seulki, Kwan, Da eun Kwan, Kye, Bongoh

Source : 49 Issue: 32Published : 2023-11View : 21314
소셜 미디어 캠페인 참여를 통한 환경문제 인식이 탄소중립 행동 의도에 미치는 영향: 탄소중립 정책 선호의 매개효과와 녹색 소비 가치의 조절효과

노환호, 이태준

Source : 16 Issue: 4Published : 2023-11View : 18151
A Systematic Review of Experimental Research on Public Service Motivation

Chung, Kee Hoon, Rhee, Inbok, Liu, Cheol

SourcePublished : 2023-10View : 18303
Input structure, international trade of intermediate goods, and international competitiveness

Kim, Dongseok

Source : 28 Issue: 3Published : 2023-11View : 18878
Nonperforming loans and related lending: Evidence from Ukraine

Vyshnevskyi, Iegor, Sohn, Wook

Source : 57Published : 2023-12View : 1955
Workweek Reduction and Childbirth

Baek, Ji sun

Source : 20 Issue: 3Published : 2023-10View : 2485
Is the discovery of oil a blessing or curse in the era of climate change?

Kim, Yeong Jae, Cho, Seong-Hoon

Source : 87Published : 2023-12View : 2502
The Long-Run Impact of Forced Migration: Evidence from the Killing Fields

Yoon, Chungeun

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 2188
Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Wildfires on Children's Height and Weight: Evidence from Russia

Wang, Shun

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 2000
The Impact of Digital Credit in Developing Economies: A Review of Recent Evidence

Robinson, Jonathan, PARK, Sungho, Blumenstock, Joshua Evan

SourcePublished : 2023-08View : 1448
Going Slow to Build Resilience: Cittaslow in Korea's Rural Regions

Kim, Karl E., Joo, Yu-Min, Lee, David

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 2231
Tracking Economic Policy Uncertainty through the Relative Sentiment Shift

LEE, Seohyun, Nyman, Rickard, Tuckett, David

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 1960
데이터경제 혁신생태계(DEIE): 개념, 기대효과, 부문별 사례 및 정책과제


SourcePublished : 2023-03View : 1311
Labor Repression, Democracy, and Growth in South Korea: Data Construction and Preliminary Results

Lee, Changkeun, Lane, Nathan

SourcePublished : 2023-03View : 1323
How Language Shapes Public Opinion: Survey Experimental Evidence in Kenya

Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

SourcePublished : 2023-03View : 1328
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