Effects of Intellectual Property Rights Protection on Services Export Diversification in Developing Countries

Sena Kimm Gnangnon

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dc.contributor.authorSena Kimm Gnangnon-
dc.description.abstractThe effects of the betterment of enforced intellectual property rights (IPRs) provisions on services export diversification are investigated. The analysis used an unbalanced panel dataset of 76 developing countries over the period of 1970-2014. The empirical analysis is based on the feasible generalized least squares estimator. It suggests that the implementation of weaker IPR protection fosters services export diversification in less developed countries (i.e., those whose real per capita incomes are less than US$ 1458.60), including those with a low level of export product upgrading. Conversely, in relatively advanced developing countries (countries whose real per capita income exceeds US$ 3356.80), including those with high levels of export product upgrading, the implementation of stronger IPR laws induces greater services export diversification. Finally, the analysis revealed the existence of a non-linear relationship between IPR protection and services export diversification. The implementation of stronger intellectual property laws spurs services export diversification in countries with high degree of IPR protection, especially when IPR protection exceeds a certain level, recorded here as having a score of 1.197. In contrast, in countries with weaker IPR protection, in particular those with IPR protection levels that score less than 0.915, it is rather the implementation of weaker intellectual property laws that promotes services export diversification.en_US
dc.publisherKorea Development Instituteen_US
dc.titleEffects of Intellectual Property Rights Protection on Services Export Diversification in Developing Countriesen_US
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 46, no. 1, pp. 53-89-
dc.citation.titleKDI Journal of Economic Policyen_US
dc.subject.keywordIntellectual Property Rights; Services Export Diversification; Export Product Upgrading; Developing Countriesen_US
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