Revisiting digital government in Korea

an assessment of government 24 based on OECD digital government index

KIM, Youngseob

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Countries around the world, driven by the advancement of digital technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, are recognizing the increasing importance of Digital Government and actively adopting and utilizing it. They are also contemplating strategies to establish and implement differentiated Digital Government Platforms beyond the existing E-government framework. Countries, including South Korea, that are promoting Digital Government, are not only focused on the continuous development and maturity of E-government but also on seeking strategies for the implementation of Digital Government that utilize new digital innovation technologies for the benefit of their citizens.
In this context, the OECD aims to evaluate the state of Digital Government operations in major countries worldwide, with the goal of supporting their development as Digital Governments. This study investigates how South Korea achieved outstanding results in the field of Digital Government and analyzes South Korea's flagship Digital Government service, "Government 24," based on the OECD Digital Government Index, to provide policy implications for other countries.

Lee, Taejun
KDI School, Master of Development Policy
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) -- KDI School: Master of Development Policy, 2023
Internet in public administration--Korea (South); Public administration--Data processing--Korea (South)
I. Introduction
II. Literature Review
III. The public policy and Digital Government in Korea
IV. The development of Digital Government in Korea: Case of Government
V. Conclusion
46 p
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