Trauma to Triumph: Rising from the Ashes of the Asian Financial Crisis

Korea: Tiding Over the Asian and Global Financial Crises

Kim, Hyeon Wook / Hahm, Joon-Ho(Author)

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AMRO9ASEAN +3 Macroeconomic Research Office)
Part I: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview

Part II: What Happened During the Asian Financial Crisis and the Global Financial Crisis
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: Thailand
Chapter 4: Indonesia
Chapter 5: Korea
Chapter 6: Malaysia
Chapter 7: Philippines
Chapter 8: Hong Kong
Chapter 9: Singapore
Chapter 10: Japan
Chapter 11: China
Chapter 12: International Monetary Fund
Chapter 13: Policy Insights from the Asian Financial Crisis

Part III: The Asian Financial Crisis and the Global Financial Crisis: Experiences from the ASEAN+3 Economies
Chapter 14: Thailand: Crisis, Recovery, and Reforms
Chapter 15: Indonesia: A Tale of Three Crises
Chapter 16: Malaysia: Managing Global Financial Vulnerabilities and Regional Financial Cooperation
Chapter 17: Korea: Tiding Over the Asian and Global Financial Crises
Chapter 18: Philippines: Rising Above the Challenges During the Asian and Global Financial Crises
Chapter 19: Hong Kong: Weathering the AFC and the GFC: Facing a Storm, Building Credibility, and Staying Resilient
Chapter 20: Singapore: Braving the Asian Financial Crisis, Emerging Stronger
Chapter 21: ASEAN’s Newer Members in Two Crises: Impact, Response, and Lessons
Chapter 22: China: Weathering the Financial Crisis — Policy Response and Role in Regional Financial Cooperation
Chapter 23: Japan: Managing Crises, Reforming Financial Markets, and Promoting Regional Cooperation

Part IV: Assessments of the Crises, and the Development of Regional Financial Cooperation in Asia
Chapter 24: International Capital Flows in ASEAN+3
Chapter 25: IMF Surveillance and Crisis Lending in Emerging Asia: A Crucible that Inspired an Intellectual Revolution, 1995–2010
Chapter 26: The CMI and CMIM
Chapter 27: Institutionalizing ASEAN+3 Regional Financial Cooperation and the Birth of AMRO
Chapter 28: EMEAP and the Financial Crises
Chapter 29: Asian Bond Markets Initiative

Part V: Conclusion and Challenges Ahead
Chapter 30: ASEAN+3 Regional Financial Cooperation in Retrospect
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