Final report on SET-Nav policy briefs

Karakosta, Charikleia / Papapostolou, Katerina / Pedro Crespo del Granado / Egging, Ruud / Welisch, Marijke / Hartner, Michael / Resch, Gustav / Forthuber, Sebastian / Kranzl, Lukas / Aichinger, Eric / Müller, Andreas / Wilson, Charlie / Coningsby, Louis / KIM, Yeong Jae / Lumbreras, Sara / Olmos, Luis / Ramos, Andrés / Sensfuss, Frank / Bernath, Gerda Deac Christiane / Herbst, Andrea / Heitel, Stephanie / Krail, Michael / Köhler, Jonathan / Fleiter, Tobias / Rehfeldt, Matthias / Ansari, Dawud / Holz, Franziska / Kotek, Peter / Toth, Borbala / Selei, Adrienn / Boitier, Baptiste / Fougeyrollas, Arnaud / Perez-Valdes, Gerardo A. / Johansen, Ulf(Author)

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dc.contributor.authorFougeyrollas, Arnaud-
dc.contributor.authorPerez-Valdes, Gerardo A.-
dc.contributor.authorJohansen, Ulf-
dc.description.tableOfContents1. Introduction 2. Innovation Systems and the SET – Plan 2.1 Systemic Perspective on Energy Innovation 2.2 Research on Innovation Systems and the SET Plan 2.3 Policy Recommendations and the SET Plan 3. Policy implications and priorities from modelling in the SET-Nav project 3.1 What next steps and priorities for the SET Plan? 3.2 The SET-Nav pathways 3.3 What are the important elements, drivers and factors of the energy transition and their cost-effective solutions (for each pathway)? 3.4 Summary of key findings for the different pathways 4. SET-Nav Case Studies Conclusions and Policy Recommendations 4.1 Model integration & Global perspectives 4.2 Energy Systems: Demand perspective 4.3 Energy Systems: Infrastructure 4.4 Energy Systems: Supply perspective 5. References-
dc.relation.isPartOfSeriesNavigating the roadmap for clean, secure and efficient energy innovation-
dc.titleFinal report on SET-Nav policy briefs-
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