A Study on the resolution of conflict on the relocation of the Daegu water intake source

OH, Jeongjin

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In the process of rapid industrialization and urbanization, demand for water resources in rivers increases rapidly, while the availability of rivers is absolutely limited, causing disputes over water to continue. The conflict between Daegu Metropolitan City and Gumi City, which have the Nakdong River as a source of water, is a representative example of the conflict over the use and distribution of rivers that has not been resolved for nearly 20 years. To resolve disputes over these rivers, it is necessary to first identify the cause of the conflict and stakeholders through conflict analysis, then create a consultative body for all stakeholders to discuss. Each interested party will be able to resolve distrust and misunderstanding of each other by examining uncertainties together. Through continuous dialogue and consultation, each stakeholder will know what the other really wants, and if they explore their BATNAs and develop many mutually beneficial alternatives, they will eventually be able to find an agreement that works best for each other. The investigator expects that if such a negotiation process is carried out, even water-related conflicts that have not been resolved for 20 years will be able to reach a mutual agreement. This report first summarized the process of conflict over the relocation of water sources and the main issues of conflict and analyzed the positions and interests of each stakeholder on the issue through analysis of various indirect data. Finally, based on this conflict analysis, it presents a step-by-step procedure and negotiation method for the building consensus among stakeholders.

Kim, Dong-Young
KDI School, Master of Public Management
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) -- KDI School: Master of Public Management, 2021
Water-supply--Korea (South); Water resources development--Korea (South)
1. Introduction

2. The history of the conflict

3. The stakeholders and issues

4. Establishment of consensus building procedures

5. Conclusion
41 p
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