A Study on the decision method of investment priorities to improve by the results in the technical diagnosis of Water Supply Network Facilities

Kim, Jeongpil

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This research paper aims to come up with a methodology for rational decision of investment priority for facility improvement according to the result of technical diagnosis of water supply network facilities. Of course, this study was also imposingly designed to derive and present major improvements that are needed to make the more rational and efficient use of the current technical diagnosis performance.

For this research, relevant papers or data related to technical diagnosis were collected a nd analyzed, and the needs were identified by conducting in-depth interviews with K-water experts in related work. Based on this, a methodology for resetting key factors and selecting investment priorities by combining AHP and PROMETHEE techniques (MCDM) was presented.

Finally, I think the findings are meaningful in laying the foundation for further research and development in a more improved direction, rather than a methodology for dramatically improving technical diagnosis. The results of this research will be of interest to budget officer and facility manager in K-water and workers of water supply facilities across the country.

Lee, Junesoo
KDI School, Master of Public Policy
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Public Management,2021.
Water resources development
1. Introduction

2. Methodology of study

3. Literature review

4. Overview of technical diagnosis of the water supply network facilities

5. Key issues and improvement of study

6. In-depth interview with expert group

7. Decision method of investment priorities

8. Proposal of Management Level Evaluation (MLE)

9. Conclusion
58 p.
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