A real time impact evaluation of the Dr. LEE Jong-wook—Seoul project in Lao PDR: Second-year interim report

Cho, Won-Dong / Kim, Joon Kyung / Kim, Jungho / Kim, K. S. / Kim, Tae Jong / Lee, Kye Woo(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Executive Summary
Dr. LEE Jong-Wook—Seoul Project and Background
Overall Research Design
Salient Findings from the 2nd Year Studies


Chapter 1. Dr. LEE Jong-Wook- Seoul Project and Background
Annex I. Description of the Dr. LEE Jong-Wook—Seoul Project
Annex II. UHS Education System: Composition of Faculties, Curricula, and Physical Environment
Annex III. Interview Results with UHS Students and Teaching Staff

Chapter 2. A Real Time Impact Evaluation of the Dr. Lee Jong-Wook—Seoul Project in Lao PDR
1. Introduction
2. The Content of the Impact Evaluation Study
3. The Methodology and Data
4. Progress in the First Two Approaches
5. Progress in the Third Approach
6. Analysis of 2010 DTC Data
7. Analysis of 2012 DTC Data
8. Conclusions and Recommendations
Annex I. STG Indicators
Annex II. RUD Indicators
Annex III. Important and Frequent Diseases Selected for DTC

Chapter 3. Dr. LEE Jong-Wook—Seoul Project and the Performance of the UHS Medical Students
1. Introduction
2. Evaluation Framework
3. Description of Intervention
4. Implementation of the MEAC Medical Knowledge Test
5. Results from the MEAC Medical Knowledge Test
6. Estimating the Effect of THE Dr. LEE Jong-wook—seoul Project on Test Scores
7. Concluding Remarks
Appendix. Schedule for 1st Round Test of Medical Knowledge at UHS
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