(2013) Modularization of Korea's development experience : establishment of intelligent transport systems (ITS)

2013 경제발전경험모듈화사업 : 지능형 교통시스템(ITS) 구축

Lee, Seung-hwan / Oh, Dong-seob / Seo, Jeong-ho / Yoon, Jun-young / Choi, Chan-hyun / Yoon, Seok-cheon(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Land Development; Public investments


Chapter 1 Objectives and Achievements

1. Assessment of Achievements in Comparison with the Objectives Established when the ITS was First Introduced

2. Review of the Contribution to Korea’s Economic and Social Development by the ITS

Chapter 2 Background and Necessity of the ITS in Korea

1. Surrounding Situations when the ITS was Introduced

2. Causes and Grounds Surrounding the Introduction of the ITS

3. Procedures to Set and Decide Objectives and Policies

4. Overseas Cases of Implementing the ITS

5. Current Situations of Korea’s ITS

Chapter 3 Strategies and Systems to Implement the ITS

1. Establishment and Revision of the National Transport System Efficiency Act

2. Establishment of the Master plan and the Standardization Plan for the ITS

3. Creation and Reorganization of Relevant Bodies

4. Promoting and Supporting the Test-run of the ITS

5. Financing Methods

Chapter 4 Details of ITS Projects

1. Change in the Focus of ITS projects

2. Seoul (a city with the population more than one million)

3. Anyang (a city with the population less than one million)

Chapter 5 Analysis of the Secrets of Successful ITS Projects

1. Seoul’s ITS Projects for Public Transportation

2. Anyang (The Anyang Traffic Information Center)

Chapter 6 Implications for Developing Countries

1. Evaluation of Results: Korea’s ITS

2. Possibility to Apply Korea’s ITS to Developing Nations

3. Policy Proposals Suitable for Future Partner Nations

162 p.
Series Title
(KSP) Modularization of Korea's Development Experience ; v.2014-17
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