(2012) Modularization of Korea's development experience : Korea's river basin management policy

2012 경제발전경험모듈화사업 : 하천정비 및 관리정책

Oh, Byungho(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Land Development; Public investments

Chapter 1 Introduction

 1. Prologue

 2. Korean River Basin

Chapter 2 Background and History of Korean River Basin Maintenance and Management Policy

 1. Colonial Years under Japan to Post Emancipation: Modern Water Resource Development

 2. Modern River Basin Governance System Development (1960-1970s)

 3. Construction of Multi-Purpose Dam and Comprehensive Development by River Basins (1970-early 1990)

 4. Comprehensive Management of Water Resources (Late 1990s-2000s)

 5. Four Major River Area Comprehensive Development and Long-term Development Plan (1970-1990s)

 6. Long-term Comprehensive Development of Water Resources-Basic Plan (1981-2001)

 7. 1990-2000: Comprehensive Management of Water Resources and Environment - Friendly River Basin Development

Chapter 3 Major Projects

 1. Long-term Comprehensive Water Resources Plan (2001-2020)

 2. Long-term Comprehensive Water Resource Plan (2006-2020)

 3. Chunggyechun Restoration Project

Chapter 4 Evaluation of River Basin Maintenance and Management Policy within the Framework of Water Resource Development

 1. Water Resource Development and Korean Economic Development

 2. Multi-Purpose Dam Construction and Maintenance of River Basins

 3. Details and Evaluation of Major Multi-Purpose Dam Projects

 4. Dam Location

Chapter 5 Lessons and Recommendations

 1. Lessons of Korean Water Resource Development Experience for Developing Countries

 2. Recommendations

88 p.
Series Title
(KSP) Modularization of Korea's Development Experience ; v.2013-39
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