(2014) Modularization of Korea's development experience : experiences and lessons of green growth

2014 경제발전경험모듈화사업 : 녹생성장 경험과 교훈

Kang, Sung Jin / Kim, Soo Jung / Kim, Yu Kyung / Kim, Jeehwan(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Environment; Green movement - Korea; Energy policy - Korea

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Background and Progress of Green Growth Policies

1. Economic Growth Experience and Environment

2. Background and Concept of Green Growth Policies

3. Institutional Change

4. Major Environmental Restoration Policies

Chapter 3 Current Status and Prospect of Green Growth Policies

1. Greenhouse Gas Reduction

2. Reduction of the Use of Fossil Fuels and Enhancement of Energy Independence

3. Greening of Manufacturing

4. Green Land and Transportation

5. Green Lifestyle

Chapter 4 Lessons from Green Growth Policies

1. Green Growth Policies as a Strategy for Sustainable Development

2. Development Projects that Take the Environment into Account

3. Economic Effects of Green Growth Policies

4. Establishment of Legal and Institutional Foundations

5. Appropriate Allocation of Roles between the Government and Private Sector

6. Knowledge Sharing Programs and Green Growth

7. Challenges for Green Growth Policies

Chapter 5 Lessons of Green Growth Policies

159 p.
Series Title
(KSP) Modularization of Korea's Development Experience ; 2014-11
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