(2011) Modularization of Korea's development experience : the operation of nationwide health insurance and its implications

2011 경제발전경험모듈화사업 : 全 국민 건강보험제도 운영과 시사점

Kim, Jin Soo(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Health Policy

Chapter 1 The Contextual Background of the Introduction of Medical Insurance

1. The Socio-Economic Context

2. Healthcare Environment

3. Major Motivations for the Implementation of Medical Insurance

4. The Decision-Making Process Leading to the Implementation

5. The Characteristics of Health Insurance in Korea

Chapter 2 The Medical Insurance Implementation System

1. The Legislation and Amendment of Medical Insurance Laws

2. The Establishment of the Medical Insurance Cooperative and the Implementation of Demonstration Projects

3. Securing Medical Institutions and Building a Collaborative System

4. Governmental Financial Support

5. Public Promotional Efforts

Chapter 3 The Implementation of Nationwide Health Insurance and the Current Status of the Implementation of Key Policies

1. Expansion of Eligibility

2. Changes in the Method of Charging Insurance Premiums

3. Expansion of Insurance Benefits

4. The Integration of Organizations and Finances

Chapter 4 The Management and Operation System for National Health Insurance

1. The Policy Decision-Making System

2. Assessment and Collection of Insurance Premiums

3. Financing

4. Management of Eligibility

5. Management of Benefits

Chapter 5 Evaluating the Achievements and Future Challenges of the National Health Insurance System

1. Accomplishments

2. Evaluation

Chapter 6 Implications

141 p.
Series Title
(KSP) Modularization of Korea's Development Experience ; v.2011-15
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