(2014) Modularization of Korea's development experience : experience of Korea policy formulation for drug-free country: deprive proceeds acquired from illegal transaction of narcotics

2014 경제발전경험모듈화사업 : 마약청정국을 위한 우리나라의 정책수립 경험

Cho, Byeong In / Park, Mi Sook / Lim, You Seok(Author)

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Administration_ICT; Drug control - Korea

Chapter 1 Introduction

1. Introduction: Korean Government Efforts to Keep the Country Drug-Free

2. Change in the Environment and Threat Factor

Chapter 2 Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System for Restriction of Narcotics Offenders

1. Background of the Legislation

2. Introduction of Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System

3. Meaning of Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System

Chapter 3 Introduction and Operation Trends of Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System of Various Countries

1. Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System of Various Countries

2. Comparison of Criminal Proceeds Confiscation and Collection System of Various Countries

Chapter 4 Enactment and Operation Status of 「Act on Special Cases Concerning the Confiscations of Criminal」 Proceeds

1. Enactment of the 「Act on Special Cases Concerning the Prevention of Illegal Trafficking in Narcotics, etc.」

2. Granting of Duty of Cooperation on Financial Institutions

3. Construction of Pan-National Narcotic Crime Response System

4. Creation of the Organization in Charge of Confiscation of Crime Profit

Chapter 5 Factors for Successful Confiscation and Collection – Main Examples

1. Factors for Successful Confiscation and Collection

2. Confiscation and Collection of Proceeds from Smuggling and Trafficking of Methamphetamine [Case 1]

3. Large-Scale Arrest of Drug Substitute Traffickers [Case 2]

4. Confiscation of Illegal Profit and Property of Drug Crime [Case 3]

5. Confiscation and Collection of Methamphetamine Sales Profit [Case 4]

6. Problem and Improvement Plan for Deprivation of Narcotics Fund

7. Analysis of Performance of Criminal Proceeds Confiscation System in Korea

Chapter 6 Suggestion for Establishment of Policy for Developing Countries

1. Active Securing of Means of Investigation

2. Alert of Investigation Expediency

3. Securing Professional Investigation Personnel and Fund Tracing Education

4. Relaxation of Saving Confidentiality Principle

5. Expansion of Obligation of Financial Institutions

6. Expansion of Role of Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

7. Close Cooperative Investigation and Cooperation Relation


159 p.
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(KSP) Modularization of Korea's Development Experience ; 2014-19
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