A Study on the correlation analysis of the factors affecting the water revenue ratio of sub-small block

Kang, Byung-Uk

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According to the Ministry of Environment''s 2017 water supply statistics, 10.5 percent of annual water production were lost by leakage which is mainly caused by aging water pipes, burst of pipes and inadequate pressure management, illegal usage of water, etc. Water pipe network system improvement is required to reduce losses caused by leakages and improve the water revenue ratio and for this purpose, block system and sub-small block of Goryeong local water supply were used.

There are 39 small blocks within the corresponding small blocks and 12 small blocks in GR3(Oe-ri/Naegok, Ssanglim I.C., Gogok, Strawberry Village, Anhwa, Singok2, Singok1, Songlim1ri, Sandang, Baeksan, Sinchon, Mahon), 10 small blocks in GR5(Junghwa P.S, Weolsan1, Huam2, Garryun1, Baekri, Weolsan2, Hwaam, Palsan, Daepyeong, Yeonbong P.S), 17 small blocks in GR5(Jikri, Yajeong/Sokri, Sajeon/Daegok, Yeonri samgeori, Gwangdo, Osa, Gu-gok, Ok-san2, Ok-san1, Kisan, Kijok, Eogok, Deukseong, Ogok, Buri, Yongso/Sangyong, Mugye)

For the analysis of the affecting factors of the small block in the small block of Goryeong local water supply, firstly, the correlation analysis and reliability verification were conducted and reliability analysis used ''F-verification:Two Groups for Variance'' and a significant level of reliability analysis was applied at 5%. Next, a correlation analysis was conducted to identify the factors affecting the sub-small block with a significant level of correlation with the water revenue ratio of the small block. The independent variables are length of distribution pipe (X1), length of water supply pipe (X2), faucet (X3), night minimum flow (X4) and the dependent variable is set to the water revenue flow (Y).

The results showed that eleven sub-small blocks had a significant level of correlation with the water revenue ratio of the three small blocks. In detail, GR3 small block have 3 sub small blocks(Singok1, Baeksan, Sinchon) out of total 12 sub-small blocks, GR5 small block have 2 sub-small blocks (Hwaam, Yeonbong Pressure Station) out of total 10 sub-small blocks and GR6 small block have 6 sub-small blocks (Gwangdo, Gugok, Oksan1, Kijok, Deukseong, Yongso/Sangyong) out of total 17 sub-small blocks.

Secondly, 11 small blocks were analyzed for the correlation between the factors affecting the water revenue ratio. As a result of the correlation analysis between the factors affecting the water revenue ratio, all of the factors negatively related to the water revenue ratio.

According to the result of correlation analysis, faucet was the highest correlation with negative 0.3, length of water supply pipe is negative 0.23, night minimum flow is negative 0.17, and lastly length of distribution pipe extensions was corelated with negative 0.10.

Lee, Junesoo
KDI School, Master of Public Policy
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Public Management,2020.
Water-supply - Korea (South)
Water utilities - Korea (South)
1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Research methods

4. Correlation analysis of the factors influencing the water revenue ratio

5. Conclusion
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