Effectiveness of social media in promoting tourism in Bangladesh


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dc.contributor.advisorCho, Yoon Cheong-
dc.contributor.authorTARANNUM, Tasnim-
dc.descriptionThesis(Master) -- KDI School: Master of Development Policy, 2020-
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we will be scrutinizing the efficacy of web-based social networking sites in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. Alongside that, we will be exploring the fact if social media usage can effectively change the condition in the current tourism sector of the country. The paper will be putting a relation among the variables of the tourism industry to navigate the scopes for the application of the social media platforms. Consequently, the importance of brand image formation and using it as an essential tool for marketing will be emphasized in the paper. The goal is to explore the tourists’ perception, attitude, satisfaction, loyalty, and intention to visit Bangladesh using social networking sites as a promotional channel. In order to implement the plans regarding the sectors it is very necessary to form a partnership among the native start-ups that have grown centering the tourism sites and the digital marketing firms. The transparent regional and central governmental relation is essential as well. There needs to be certain establishments in the tourist regions where the businessmen are going to consult for any necessities and consequently reaching up to the central department for tourism. This paper will study all these implications after exploring the mentioned perceptions of the tourists.-
dc.description.tableOfContentsI. Introduction II. Concept of Tourism III. Literature Review IV. Research Objective V. Research Methodology VI. Cognitive, Effective and Symbolic Perception VII. Hypothesis Development VIII. Theoretical Background IX. Data Analysis and Interpretations X. Conclusion-
dc.format.extent90 p-
dc.publisherKDI School-
dc.titleEffectiveness of social media in promoting tourism in Bangladesh-
dc.contributor.departmentKDI School, Master of Development Policy-
dc.description.statementOfResponsibilityTasnim TARANNUM-
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