A study on integrated function and value enhancement of national water resources facilities

redevelopment of an agricultural dam as a multi-purpose dam

Choi, Yongjin

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There has been a growing interest in making use of a limited amount of water efficiently and responding to climate uncertainty in Korea because climate change is increasing the risk of droughts and floods. There are several organizations which manage dams in Korea. A joint project between K-water and KRCC was implemented in 2001 to maximize the utilization of existing agricultural dams. The first cooperative project between K-water and KRC was the Seong-Deok Dam Redevelopment Project in which the existing agricultural dam was redeveloped into a multipurpose dam. This project failed in terms of cooperation between two agencies. However, now the situation has changed a lot due to the enactment of the Water Management Basic Law this year. In Korea’s future integrated water decision-making organization based on the law in which all stakeholders participate, the water management organization will help not only the redevelopment of existing dams but also various water disputes. Therefore, the government should pay more attention to the efficient utilization of existing dams in terms of integrated water management and make much efforts in preparation of law and institution.

Kim, Dong young
KDI School, Master of Public Policy
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Public Management,2018.
Water resources development
Ⅰ. Introduction

Ⅱ. Literature Review

Ⅲ. Seong-Deok Multipurpose Dam Project Case Study

Ⅳ. Policy Proposal

Ⅴ. Bibliography
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