A study on the cooperative plan of water resources field between South Korea and North Korea

Jin, Seongwon

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This research paper aims to prepare a cooperation plan in water resources field between South and North Korea. In other words, this study has a meaning as a policy preparation phase to make a cooperative plan of water resources field in advance. Through this research paper, I assessed the current status of water resources in North Korea. Then, I would try to identify the problems of North Korea’s water resources field through the literature review, document analysis, and strategic analysis by using tools. In addition, I investigated cases of cooperation not only domestic cases in Korea but also foreign countries cases.

Eventually, the most important thing in this research is that this paper suggests a cooperative plan of water resources field based on the questionnaire survey and its analysis. The questionnaire survey would conduct an actual survey to apply the judgment sampling method for the expert group and the general public group.

Finally, the purpose of this study is not to concentrate on the short-term perspective of water resources cooperation. Instead, the research is primarily focused on suggesting mechanisms for water resources cooperation in the long-term perspective that can sustainably alleviate the disparity in water resources between the two countries.

Choi, Seulki
KDI School, Master of Public Policy
Issue Date
KDI School
Thesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Public Management,2018.
Water resources development - Korea
Water-supply - Korea
1. Introduction

2. Literature review

3. Document analysis and case studies

4. Questionnaire survey

5. Conclusion
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