Good governance, rule of law, and economic performance


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dc.contributor.advisorMichell, Anthony-
dc.contributor.authorAHMED, Maha-
dc.descriptionThesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Development Policy,2019-
dc.description.abstractThere are numerous studies around Concepts like good governance, the rule of law and economic performance in the countries categorized with inefficient government policies. However, in the history of developing economies, some attention has been given to studies about the Egyptian Government’s challenges in achieving effective policies for 200 years before the 2011 Revolution. Hence, this research examines the case of Egypt in light of the key argument of the World Bank`s 2017 World Development Report (“WDR2017”). The discussion highlights the three Cs of commitment, coordination, and cooperation in the WDR2017 as critical policy drivers and robust tools to achieve good governance. It also sheds light on policy deficiencies that have caused corruption, poverty, and dissatisfaction among Egyptians, despite the government`s efforts to accomplish high economic performance and address socio-political issues.1 Awareness of the characteristics of good governance is recently focused (Grindle M. S., 2010). But not focused on the Three Cs commitment, coordination, and cooperation as a policy drivers, therefore, it was essential to give considerable attention in this thesis to these elements, adding them to the previous aspects; all together can be a great incentive to any democratic system that supports good governance. The research also extends the three Cs related theoretical discussion initiated by the WDR2017, and provide empirical evidence from the Egyptian case from 1805 to 2010.-
dc.description.tableOfContents1 Governance terms in Egypt 2 The Governance History of Egypt between two revolutions 1953 and 2010 (Focusing on the Policies Imposed by the Rulers) 3 The three Cs: commitment, coordination, and cooperation 4 Concluding remarks-
dc.format.extent95 p-
dc.publisherKDI School-
dc.subject.LCSHPublic administration--Egypt.-
dc.subject.LCSHEgypt--Politics and government.-
dc.titleGood governance, rule of law, and economic performance-
dc.title.alternativethe case of Egypt from 1952 to 2010-
dc.contributor.departmentKDI School, Master of Development Policy-
dc.description.statementOfResponsibilityMaha AHMED.-
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