Internet-Based business-to-business electronic commerce

Yang, Jae-Pil

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dc.contributor.authorYang, Jae-Pil-
dc.descriptionThesis(Master) --KDI School:Master of Strategy & International Management,1998-
dc.description.abstractBusiness around the world has been rushmg to the Internet at an incredible pace by marketing and selling goods and services over the Internet The Internet provides opportunities for an organization to enhance its business in a cost-effective and practical manner. The Internet is also a useful tool for gathering intelligence on customers, competitors, and potential markets, as well as communicating information about companies and/or products. Companies that do not learn how to use the Internet effectively will be at a major competitive disadvantage in the near future. The objective of this thesis is to gam an in-depth understanding about Internet application m business and to examine what companies can do with Internet to create competitive advantage in the global market place. This dissertation is split into four chapters. The first chapter introduces the background and purpose of the research. Next, the history of the Internet & e-business is explained, and the main technologies used today are analyzed. In chapter 3, four successful b-to-b e-commerce cases are examined. These companies took full advantage of e-commerce in the global market Finally, the report concludes with firm conviction of the continuous e-commerce development and proposes further study on specific e-commerce applications.-
dc.description.tableOfContents1 : Introduction 2: Literature Review 3: Cases oflnternet-Based Electronic Commerce 4: Conclusions-
dc.format.extent54 p.-
dc.publisherKDI School-
dc.subject.LCSHElectronic commerce-
dc.subject.LCSHInternet technology-
dc.titleInternet-Based business-to-business electronic commerce-
dc.title.alternativeInternet Based business to business electronic commerce-
dc.contributor.departmentKDI School, Master of Strategy & International Management-
dc.description.statementOfResponsibilityby Jae-Pil Yang.-
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