정보통신산업의 망 중립성 규제 연구: 경쟁과 혁신활동에 미치는 영향을 중심으로

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Until now, information on the Internet has been delivered in a “first-in-first-out” manner, where the router sends the information in their arrival order regardless of sender or recipient. But, with the introduction of new services and its spread which need an extensive use of bandwidth or whose quality is highly responsive to the delayed trans-mission of information, there is a growing argument that the transmission structure of Internet should be transformed. This argument includes no more first-in-first-out, the network division into premium and basic type, the differentiated traffic intensity depending on the type of content/application or sender/recipient, and additional charge on content providers (CP) who use the quality-guaranteed premium network. This argument of traffic prioritization has been already realized in the U.S., Europe and Korea by way of blocking the transmission of content/application from certain CPs or degrading the transmission quality of P2Ptraffic.

Recognizing the current status, this study conducts a detailed analysis of the preceding issues addressed regarding traffic prioritization and approval of additional charge on CPs and suggests whether the regulation on net-work neutrality should be adopted and what the regulations include. First, the study looks over critical issues related to network neutrality regulation and then examines theoretical and realistic feasibility of arguments that have been raised until now. Then, the study intends to show that the approval of traffic prioritization is not an inevitable choice to provide ISP with investment incentives or to secure the transmission quality of traffic which is highly responsive to delayed trans-mission. But, when considering that traffic prioritization is a cost-effective method to secure the transmission quality, it needs to be applied in an active way. This study also argues that in the case of Korea, an ISP vertically integrated with a CP has incentives to discriminate rival CPs and traffic prioritization can be used as a tool for the discrimination. Lastly, there is a possibility that the approval of traffic prioritization and additional charge is likely to constrain innovative activities of small and newly established CPs that are experiencing financial constraints. However, as long as the use of premium net-work is not overly charged and the quality of basic network remains adequate, it is thought that adverse effects are unlikely to be serious.

Based on this result, the study concludes that traffic prioritization and additional charge should be approved but, at the same time, it is also necessary to properly implement adjusted regulations on network neutrality as well as policies to complement the regulations in order to protect fair competition and innovative activities in cyberspace. The regulations this study finds appropriate include: ①streamlining systems to constrain anti-competitive behaviors of an ISP vertically integrated with a CP, ②adopting a regulation that could restrict excessive charge on the use of premium network, and ③preparing a regulation to guarantee the minimum transmission quality of traffic on basic net-work. Also, this study suggests the adoption of a system that encourages competition and reduces the switching cost of business as a policy to complement the network neutrality regulation and enhance the innovation and growth of the market for Internet service.

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제1장 서 론

제2장 인터넷의 구조와 전송차등화

제3장 망 중립성 규제와 전송차등화
 제1절 망 중립성 규제와 관련한 각국의 논의
 제2절 전송차등화 관련 쟁점의 요약

제4장 전송차등화 관련 쟁점의 검토
 제1절 ISP의 망 투자 유인과 전송차등화
  1. 정액제와 ISP의 망 투자 유인
  2. 시장의 성숙도와 ISP의 망 투자 유인
  3. ISP 간 경쟁과 ISP의 망 투자 유인
 제2절 QoS 보장과 전송차등화
 제3절 전송차등화와 공정경쟁 저해
  1. 수직 결합의 유인에 대한 기존의 논의
  2. CP와 수직 결합되어 있는 ISP의 차별의 유인
  3. 전송차등화에 따른 경쟁제한행위와 인터넷서비스시장의 경쟁 활성화
 제4절 전송차등화와 혁신활동 저해
  1. 전송차등화와 혁신활동 저해의 가능성
  2. 착신접속독점과 프리미엄망 이용대가의 규제 필요성
 제5절 소 결

제5장 공정경쟁과 혁신을 위한 망 중립성 규제의 도입
 제1절 망 중립성 규제의 필요성
 제2절 약한 의미의 망 중립성 규제의 도입
  1. ISP의 경쟁제한행위 방지를 위한 제도 정비
  2. 프리미엄망에 대한 가격규제의 도입
  3. 기본망에 대한 최소 전송품질의 제시
 제3절 망 중립성 규제의 보완: 경쟁 활성화와 사업자 전환비용 감소

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  1. 인터넷의 이해
  2. 인터넷서비스 요금체계의 개선
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