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2017 Book Chapter Understanding the Implications of Market Distortions on Aggregate Productivity and Competitiveness of Cambodia

Lee, Si Wook, Vanndy Nor, Sam Peou

Book : 2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program with Cambodia: Policy Recommendations for Strengthening the Foundations of Sustainable Development in CambodiaPublisher : Ministry of Strategy and Finance
2009 Book Chapter 회계∙세무 분야의 전문자격사제도

김두얼, 이시욱

Book : 전문자격사제도 개선방안 연구Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2008 Book Chapter 새로운 경제성장 패러다임의 모색


Book : 한국경제의 새로운 성장 패러다임 정책과제 모색Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2010 Book Chapter The Impact of outward FDI on export activities: evidence from the Korean case

Lee, Si Wook

Book : The Rise of China and Structural Changes in Korea and AsiaPublisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
2007 Book Chapter Designing a New Economic Framework

Lee, Si Wook, Lim, Wonhyuk, Suh, Joonghae, Tcha, Moon Joong

Book : Korea as a Knowledge Economy: Evolutionary Process and Lessons LearnedPublisher : The World Bank Institute
2011 Book Chapter 국제금융위기와 우리나라의 수출구조

이한규, 이시욱

Book : 경제 세계화와 우리 경제의 위기대응역량Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2011 Book Chapter 경제의 서비스화와 고용창출전략

유경준, 이시욱

Book : 성장과 고용의 선순환 구축을 위한 패러다임 전환(I)Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2008 Book Chapter The internationalisation of firm activities and its economic impacts: the case of South Korea

Ahn, Sanghoon, Lee, Si Wook, Woo, Cheonsik

Book : Multinational Corporations and the Emerging Network Economy in Asia and the PacificPublisher : Routledge
2012 Book Chapter Export Promotion Strategies of Sri Lanka

Han, Hongyul, Lee, Si Wook

Book : Policy Agenda for Sri Lanka in Growth, Finance, Industry and TradePublisher : Ministry of Strategy and Finance
2011 Book 주요국 무역 분야 원조의 정책체계 한국의 정책방향

한홍렬, 이호생, 이시욱

Publisher : 대외경제정책연구원
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