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2022 Conference US-China Competition for Winning Hearts and Minds: Survey Experimental Evidence from 13 Countries

Kim, Sung Eun, Park, Jong Hee, Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

Conference Name : MPSA(Midwest Political Science Association) 2022Place : US
2022 Conference 정부가 그만 할 일


Conference Name : 2022 한국행정학회 하계공동학술대회 및 국제학술대회Place : KO
2022 Conference 공공기관 기능조정: 원칙과 사례


Conference Name : 한국조직학회 공공기관 혁신 특별기획세미나 "새정부의 공공기관 구조개편과 조직혁신 과제"Place : KO
2022 Conference Unions and Automation Risk: Who Bears the Cost of Automation?

Lee, Changkeun, kim, olivia hye

Conference Name : Asia Pacific Innovation Conference(APIC 2022) “Innovation and Humanity”Place : KO
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