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1997 Conference Consumer’s Susceptibility to Reference Group Influences in the USA and Singapore: A comparison between an Individualistic and a Collectivistic Culture

Hsu, Chung-kue, Jung, Kwon

Conference Name : Sixth Symposium on Cross-Cultural Consumer and Business StudiesPlace : US
1994 Conference Marketing Strategy for the Multinational Firms from Newly Industrialized Countries in the Global Competition

Jung, Kwon, Gardner, David M.

Conference Name : A Blueprint of Partnership Leading to the Year 2000: 1994 Korean Business StudiesPlace : RE
1997 Conference The Clustering of Asia: A Look of Lifestyle Clusters in Asian Countries

Tan Soo Jiuan, Jung, Kwon, Kau Ah Keng, Jochen Wirtz

Conference Name : Special Session Summary Lifestyle Research, Macro Trends and Consumer Behaviour in AsiaPlace : SI
1998 Conference Life Satisfaction in Singapore: A Demographic Analysis

Jung, Kwon

Conference Name : ICQOLC '98: First International Conference on Quality of Life in Cities : issues and perspectivesPlace : SI


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