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2015 Conference 공공기관 개혁의 방향과 전략


Conference Name : 공공성과관리포럼: 공기업 개혁과 지속가능성Place : KO
2010 Conference Improving HRD System for Indonesian Civil Servants: Lessons from Korea

Park, Jin, Savira, Evi Maya

Conference Name : 2010 행정학 공동학술대회: 제 14분과 인도네시아 행정연구회: 한국경험으로 본 인도네시아 행정개혁 방안Place : KO
2008 Conference 교원능력개발평가제 갈등사례 분석

박진, 채종헌

Conference Name : 2008 한국협상학회 동계 학술대회 "공공갈등과 협상교육"Place : KO
2005 Conference The Role of the Russian Far East in the Changing North East Asia

Park, Jin

Conference Name : International Scientific Conference "Russian Far East: Conditions and problems of economic integration with Asia-Pacific countries"Place : RU
2005 Conference North Korea, Change or to be Changed?

Park, Jin

Conference Name : Korea-US Next Generation Forum for Future StrategiesPlace : US
2003 Conference 북한의 개혁개방과 경제체제의 변화 -전망과 과제


Conference Name : 2003 한미 통일문제 전문가 세미나: 북한의 개혁개방과 북미관계 전망Place : US
2003 Conference Economic Reform and Development Strategy for North Korea

Park, Jin

Conference Name : KSAA(Korean Studies Association of Australasia) 3rd Biennial Conference: Korea: Language, Knowledge & SocietyPlace : AT
2004 Conference Knowledge Cooperation Projects; Evaluation and Strategies

Park, Jin, Jung, Seung Ho

Conference Name : 2004 Roundtable for Knowledge Cooperation with the DPRKPlace : KO
2003 Conference Open Government as a Reform Goal in Korea

Park, Jin

Conference Name : International Seminar on Open GovernmentPlace : KO
2002 Conference Exploring Cooperation through e-Learning Network

Park, Jin, Bongwool Hahn

Conference Name : 2002 International Knowledge Cooperation Program: International Workshop on the Training System for Government Officials -A Collection of Country Reports-Place : KO
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