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2023 Conference Equal Education, Unequal Outcomes?

박진성, Xie Bin

Conference Name : 2023 경제학 공동학술대회Place : KO
2023 Conference 성별에 따른 노동공급의 장기 추세, 1981~2021


Conference Name : 2023 경제학 공동학술대회Place : KO
2022 Conference Unions and Automation Risk: Who Bears the Cost of Automation?

Lee, Changkeun, kim, olivia hye

Conference Name : Asia Pacific Innovation Conference(APIC 2022) “Innovation and Humanity”Place : KO
2022 Conference 공공기관 기능조정: 원칙과 사례


Conference Name : 한국조직학회 공공기관 혁신 특별기획세미나 "새정부의 공공기관 구조개편과 조직혁신 과제"Place : KO
2022 Conference 정부가 그만 할 일


Conference Name : 2022 한국행정학회 하계공동학술대회 및 국제학술대회Place : KO
2022 Conference US-China Competition for Winning Hearts and Minds: Survey Experimental Evidence from 13 Countries

Kim, Sung Eun, Park, Jong Hee, Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

Conference Name : MPSA(Midwest Political Science Association) 2022Place : US
2021 Conference 스마트 공장과 노동수요의 변화


Conference Name : 제11회 사업체패널 학술대회Place : KO
2021 Conference 법안비용추계와 탑다운식 예산안 심의과정


Conference Name : 2021 NABO 예산정책심포지엄: 코로나19 이후의 재정, 그리고 국회의 역할Place : KO
2021 Conference 산업부문 에너지 집약도의 장기적 변화: 1970-2005

박세영, 이창근

Conference Name : 경제사학회 2021년 춘계학술대회Place : KO
2021 Conference Who Becomes A Civil Servant?: An Analysis of Korea Youth Panel Data

Chung, Kee Hoon, Lee, Don S., Liu, Cheol, Rhee, Inbok

Conference Name : IRSPM Conference 2021Place : SZ
2021 Conference Exposure to Election Fraud Research Undermines Confidence in Democracy

Kuk, John Seungmin, Lee, Don S., Rhee, Inbok

Conference Name : 78th Annual MPSA ConferencePlace : US
2021 Conference The Identical Attribute Value Assignment Problem in Conjoint Experiment

Kim, Sung Eun, Park, Jong Hee, Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

Conference Name : Asian Polmeth 2021Place : JA
2020 Conference FinTech Megatrends: An Assessment of Their Industrial and Welfare Implications

Cho, Man

Conference Name : KDIS-WB DIME Conference on Impact Evaluation in Governance and FinancePlace : KO
2020 Conference Intersectional Bias in Hate Speech and Abusive Language Datasets

Kim, Jae Yeon, Ortiz, Carlos, Nam, Sarah, Santiago, Sarah, Datta, Vivek

Conference Name : Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), Data Challenge WorkshopPlace : US
2019 Conference Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Alleviation: A Global Analysis

Sohn, Wook, Laila Ume

Conference Name : 89th Annual Conference of the Southern Economic AssociationPlace : US
2019 Conference African Perceptions of Chinese Aid Projects: Evidence from Individual- and Project-level Geocoded Data

Rhee, Inbok, Youngwan Kim

Conference Name : 2019 IPES(International Political Economy Society) ConferencePlace : US
2019 Conference 데이터경제와 부동산간접금융산업: 공동 발전 방안은?


Conference Name : 2019 부동산 산업의 날 컨퍼런스Place : KO
2019 Conference How Does High-Stakes Accountability Pressure Affect Frontline Public Service Empowerment? Evidence from North Carolina Teachers

KANG, Minsung Michael, Park, Soohyun, Sorensen, Lucy

Conference Name : Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM)Place : US
2019 Conference North Korean Elites and Regime Policy Preference: Analyzing Newspaper and Elite Career Path Data

Rhee, Inbok

Conference Name : 2nd Annual POLTEXT Conference 2019Place : JA
2019 Conference Exporting New City Developments? From New Towns to Smart Cities

Joo, Yu-Min

Conference Name : Reconsidering Korean Urban and Regional Development Experience: Implication for International Cooperation ('한국 국토발전 경험의 성찰' 국제 워크숍)Place : KO
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