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2017 Article 행복의 국가 간 비교분석: 핀란드와 일본 사례를 중심으로

구교준, 임재영, 최슬기

Citation : 한국행정연구, v.26, no.2, pp.179 - 216, 2017
2015 Article How was the weekend? how the social context underlies weekend effects in happiness and other emotions for us workers

Helliwell, J.F., Wang, S.

Citation : PLoS ONE, v.10, no.12, 2015
2018 Article Empirical Linkages between Good Governance and National Well-being

Helliwell, John F., Huang, Haifang, Grover, Shawn, Wang, Shun

Citation : JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS, v.46, no.4, pp.1332 - 1346, 2018
2019 Article Youth Activities and Children’s Subjective Well-Being in Korea

Kyoungmi Park, Wang, Shun

Citation : Journal of Happiness Studies, v.20, no.7, pp.2351 - 2365, 2019
2019 Article 체제전환국 주민의 행복과 사회자본에 관한 연구

최창용, 김희삼, 우혜영

Citation : 국제지역연구, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 123-158, 2019