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2017 Article Driving Skills

Lee, Ju Ho

Citation : RSA Journal, v.3, pp.42 - 42, 2017
2017 Article The "Regionalism vs Multilateralism" Issue in International Trade Law: Revisiting the Peru-Agricultural Products Case

Shadikhodjaev, Sherzod

Citation : Chinese Journal of International Law, v.16, no.1, pp.109 - 123, 2017
2017 Article The 'Twin Peaks' Model of Post-Crisis Banking Supervision

Sohn, Wook, Vyshnevskyi, Iegor

Citation : APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS, v.24, no.8, pp.571 - 574, 2017
2017 Article Integrating ICT Adoption Issues into (E-)leadership Theory

Van Wart, Montgomery, Roman, Alexandru, Wang, XiaoHu, Liu, Cheol

Citation : TELEMATICS AND INFORMATICS, v.34, no.5, pp.527 - 537, 2017
2017 Article The Long-Term Consequences of Family Class Origins in Urban China

Wang, Shun

Citation : SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH, v.134, no.1, pp.323 - 337, 2017
2017 Article Family structure and home ownership: Evidence from China

Wang, Shun, Zhou, Weina

Citation : CHINA ECONOMIC REVIEW, v.46, pp.165 - 179, 2017
2017 Article The Effect of Bank Capital on Lending: Does Liquidity Matter?

Kim, Dohan, Sohn, Wook

Citation : JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE, v.77, pp.95 - 107, 2017
2017 Article How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Failure Management

Lee, Junesoo, Miesing, Paul

Citation : ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS, v.46, no.3, pp.157 - 164, 2017
2017 Article Will the Stop TB Partnership Targets on TB Control be Realized on Schedule? Projection of future incidence, prevalence and death rates

Chang, Yu Sang, Choi, Chang Yong

Citation : International Journal of Data Science, v.2, no.1, pp.44 - 69, 2017
2017 Article The Unintended Long-Term Consequences of Mao's Mass Send-Down Movement: Marriage, Social Network, and Happiness

Wang, Shun, Zhou, Weina

Citation : WORLD DEVELOPMENT, v.90, pp.344 - 359, 2017
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