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2013 Article Property Tax Stability: A Tax System Model of Base and Revenue Dynamics Through the Great Recession and Beyond.

John L. Mikesell, Liu, Cheol

Citation : Public Finance and Management, v.13, no.4, pp.310 - 334, 2013
2013 Article 기업규모별 윤리수준과 회계투명성의 관련성

김문태, 최태희

Citation : 국제회계연구, no.52, pp.77 - 100, 2013
2013 Article Exploring Relationship Among Customer Dissatisfaction, Complaints, And Loyalty In The Virtualized Environment: Roles Of Advanced Services

Cho, Yoon Cheong

Citation : The International Business & Economics Research Journal, v.12, no.11, pp.1343 - 1360, 2013
2013 Article Exploring Warning Messages On Conditional Principles & Predicting Social Behavior

Cho, Yoon Cheong, Rim, Jihoon

Citation : Journal of Business & Economics Research, v.11, no.11, pp.469 - 484, 2013
2013 Article Effects of Ethnic Identity on Perceived Advertisers' Motives in Values Advocacy Advertising

Lee, Yoon-Joo, Liu, Yung-I, Lee, Tae Jun

Citation : JOURNAL OF PROMOTION MANAGEMENT, v.19, no.5, pp.583 - 604, 2013
2013 Article 광고공시정보의 제시형태와 잠재적 결과에 대한 정교화성향이 금융소비자의 의사결정에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험연구

이태준, 윤태웅

Citation : 한국광고홍보학보, v.15, no.3, pp.33 - 62, 2013
2013 Article First WTO Judicial Review of Climate Change Subsidy Issues

Shadikhodjaev, Sherzod

Citation : American Journal of International Law, v.107, no.4, pp.864 - 878, 2013
2013 Article Current Agency-Client Perspectives on Product Placement in Korea

Lee, Tae Jun, Lee, Jonghyuk

Citation : 광고학연구, v.24, no.4, pp.121 - 142, 2013
2013 Article Influence of Engagement and Interactivity Level on Accessibility and Diagnosticity in Smart Signage

Han, Kwang Seok, Chin, Hong Kun, Lee, Tae Jun

2013 Article 서비스 산업부문에서 경제 개방의 효과

이시욱, 전봉걸

Citation : 시장경제연구, v.42, no.2, pp.81 - 99, 2013
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