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2011 Article Adherence of Retirement Mutual Fund Providers to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s Advertising Guidance: Provision and Readability of Advertising Disclosure

Lee, Tae Jun, Chung, Won Jun, Haley, Eric

Citation : JOURNAL OF CONSUMER POLICY, vol. 34, pp. 455-474, 2011
2011 Article US Retirement Financial Services Advertising's Financial Information Provisions, Communication Strategies and Judgmental Heuristic Cues

Lee, Tae Jun, Haley, Eric, Yun, Tai Woong, Chung, Won Jun

Citation : JOURNAL OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS, v.45, no.3, pp.391 - 418, 2011
2011 Article Changes in Advertising Strategies During an Economic Crisis: An Application of Taylor's Six-Segment Message Strategy Wheel

Lee, Tae Jun, Taylor, Ronald E., Chung, Won Jun

Citation : JOURNAL OF APPLIED COMMUNICATION RESEARCH, v.39, no.1, pp.75 - 91, 2011
2011 Article A strategic response to the financial crisis: an empirical analysis of financial services advertising before and during the financial crisis

Lee, Tae Jun, Chung, Won Jun, Talyor, Ronald E.

Citation : JOURNAL OF SERVICES MARKETING, v.25, no.3, pp.150 - 164, 2011
2011 Article Understanding your retirement savings: How the recent economic recession changed advertising in retirement financial services

Lee, Tae Jun, Chung, Won Jun, Paik, Christopher

Citation : JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETING, v.16, no.3/4, pp.244 - 262, 2011
2011 Article Korean Practitioners' Managerial Perspectives on Brand Placement.

Lee, Tae Jun, Chung, Won Jun, Sung, Yong Jun, Lee, Jong Hyuk

Citation : International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, v.3, no.1, pp.33 - 51, 2011
2010 Article Academic institutions electronic-recruitment efforts on academic diversity: A comparative analysis of websites of US, UK, and South Korean universities

Chung, Won Jun, Lee, Tae Jun, Humphrey, Vernon F.

Citation : PRism, v.7, no.2, pp.1 - 14, 2010