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2024 Working Paper Forecast Disagreement about Firm-level Profitability and Uncertainty

Lee, Seohyun

Series : KDIS Working Paper 24-02
2023 Working Paper Coalition-Building and Distributive Politics in Africa

LEE, Dongil

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-10
2023 Working Paper Labor Space: Unifying Representation of the Labor Market via Large Language Models

Kim, Seongwoon, Ahn, Yong-Yeol, Park, Jaehyuk

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-11
2023 Working Paper The Ethics of Generative AI in Social-Scientific Research: A Qualitative Approach for Community-Based AI Ethics

Jeon, June, Park, Jaehyuk, Kim, Lanu

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-12
2023 Working Paper Going the Extra Mile: Farm Subsidies and Spatial Convergence in Agricultural Input Adoption

Kumar, Naresh, Kapoor, Rolly, Aggarwal, Shilpa, Jeong, Dahyeon, Park, David Sungho, Robinson, Jonathan, Spearot, Alan

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-13
2023 Working Paper Private but Misunderstood? Evidence on Measuring Intimate Partner Violence via Self-Interviewing in Rural Liberia and Malawi

PARK, David Sungho, Aggarwal, Shilpa, Kumar, Naresh, Robinson, Jonathan, Spearot, Alan

2023 Working Paper Consumption among Different Demographic Groups During the Pandemic in Korea

Baek, Ji sun

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-14
2023 Working Paper Paradox Management: Challenges and Alternatives of Organizations’ Failure-Success Management

Lee, Junesoo

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-16
2023 Working Paper Who were the US Peace Corps Volunteers and where did they serve?

Lee, Dongil

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-17
2023 Working Paper Minimum Wages and Unemployment during Economic Shocks

Merfeld, Joshua

Series : IZA DP No. 16507
2023 Working Paper An explainable machine learning model for consumer credit scoring in Mexico

Chacon, David Ugarte, Lee, Seohyun, Park, Jaehyuk

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-09
2023 Working Paper Input Structure, International Trade of Intermediate Goods, and International Competitiveness

Kim, Dongseok

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-08
2023 Working Paper Going Slow to Build Resilience: Cittaslow in Korea's Rural Regions

Kim, Karl E., Joo, Yu-Min, Lee, David

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-05
2023 Working Paper Tracking Economic Policy Uncertainty through the Relative Sentiment Shift

LEE, Seohyun, Nyman, Rickard, Tuckett, David

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-07
2023 Working Paper Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Wildfires on Children's Height and Weight: Evidence from Russia

Wang, Shun

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-06
2023 Working Paper The Impact of Digital Credit in Developing Economies: A Review of Recent Evidence

Robinson, Jonathan, PARK, Sungho, Blumenstock, Joshua Evan

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-04
2023 Working Paper Improving Estimates of Mean Welfare and Uncertainty in Developing Countries

Merfeld, Joshua, Newhouse, David

Series : Policy Research Working Paper 10348
2023 Working Paper How Language Shapes Public Opinion: Survey Experimental Evidence in Kenya

Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-03
2023 Working Paper 데이터경제 혁신생태계(DEIE): 개념, 기대효과, 부문별 사례 및 정책과제


Series : KDIS Working Paper 23-01
2023 Working Paper Strategic Delegation and Collusion: An Experiment

Kim, Jeong Yeol

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