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1990 Book Chapter 석유파동과 에너지수요의 구조적 변화


Book : 韓國의 에너지 需要와 生産要素間 代替性分析(한국의 에너지 수요와 생산요소 간 대체성 분석)Publisher : 한국자원경제학회
1997 Article 環境基礎施設의 適正規模와 政策的 示唆點(환경기초시설의 적정규모와 정책적 시사점)


Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 159-211, 1997
1997 Article 環境規制와 國際競爭力(환경규제와 국제경쟁력)


Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 19, no. 4, pp. 97-158, 1997
1997 Article Globalization, Labor Market Flexibility and the Korean Labor Reform

You, Jong Il

Citation : Seoul Journal of Economics, pp.341 - 372, 1997
1997 Article 박정희 시대 노동정책의 평가와 노사개혁의 방향


Citation : 경제발전연구, vol. 3, pp. 85-105, 1997
1999 Book Chapter Liberalization of Capital Flows in Korea: Big-Bang or Gradualism?

Cho, Dong Chul, Koh, Youngsun

Book : Changes in Exchange Rates in Rapidly Developing Countries: Theory, Practice, and Policy Issues (NBER-EASE volume 7)Publisher : University of Chicago Press
1998 Book Chapter Coping with Capital Flows and Monetary Policy Framework: The Case of Korea

Cho, Dong Chul

Book : Coping with Capital Flows in East AsiaPublisher : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Nomura Research Institute
1997 Conference Consumer’s Susceptibility to Reference Group Influences in the USA and Singapore: A comparison between an Individualistic and a Collectivistic Culture

Hsu, Chung-kue, Jung, Kwon

Conference Name : Sixth Symposium on Cross-Cultural Consumer and Business StudiesPlace : US
1994 Conference Marketing Strategy for the Multinational Firms from Newly Industrialized Countries in the Global Competition

Jung, Kwon, Gardner, David M.

Conference Name : A Blueprint of Partnership Leading to the Year 2000: 1994 Korean Business StudiesPlace : RE
1997 Conference Current Economic Conditions in the DPRK

Park, Jin

Conference Name : International Workshop "Regional Perspectives on Economic Integration of the Two Korea"Place : AT
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