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Issue Date Type Title
2004 Thesis Highway development decision-making under uncertainty

Zhao, Tong

2007 Thesis (An) Analysis of primary determinants in job satisfaction

Shin, Dong Ki

Publisher : KDI School
2007 Thesis (An) Empirical study on the effect of the investment purpose change under the new 5% rule of Korea

Kwon, Kap-Sok

Publisher : KDI School
2007 Thesis (A) Study on pension reform in Uzbekistan

Farhod, Lapasov

Publisher : KDI School
2001 Thesis Textiles trade regulations

Khan, Sohail Ahmad

Publisher : KDI School
2001 Thesis Amicus curiae submissions from non-governmental organisation

Park, Jung-Hee

Publisher : KDI School
2002 Thesis Optimal international portfolio strategy

Lee, Sang Hyun

Publisher : KDI School
2003 Thesis Dispute settlement practice on safeguard measures under the WTO

Cheng, Hu

Publisher : KDI School
2008 Thesis (An) Analysis of current policy and future directions on illicit drugs

Zaahiya, Mariyam

Publisher : KDI School
2000 Thesis International institutions and domestic pressures

Caraan, Aurea Dela Roca

Publisher : KDI School
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