The Impact of Government Support of Graduate Schools on the Research Productivity of Professors and Students

KIM, Jin-Yeong

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This paper examines the effects of major funding projects for graduate

education in Korea, specifically the BK21 and the WCU programs, on

the research productivity of professors and young researchers. We

apply the standard DID method, which compares the increase in

research outputs as measured by papers per year between groups

before and during the project period. The DID estimates show that the

effects are quite different for different fields, but they mostly indicate

that the BK21 project is more effective in terms of the research

productivity of the participating professors, especially those who study

science and engineering areas. With regard to the productivity of

graduate students, the results show that there was an increase in the

research productivity of locally educated Korean doctoral degree

holders after the graduate funding programs, mainly in natural

science and engineering fields.

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