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AI as “Another I”: Journey map of working with artificial intelligence from AI-phobia to AI-preparedness

Lee, Junesoo, Park, Jaehyuk

Source : 52 Issue: 3Published : 2023-07View : 590
Minimum Wages and Unemployment during Economic Shocks

Merfeld, Joshua

SourcePublished : 2023-10View : 2465
Fighting the Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media: Predicting Two Types of Misinformation-Sharing Behaviors via Risk Perception, Social Media Literacy, Fear, and Organizational Trust

Chon, Myoung-Gi, Lee, Tae Jun

Source : 27 Issue: 3Published : 2023-09View : 1912
How to Foster Digital Payment Service for Millennials and Generation Z?

Cho, Yoon Cheong, Oh, Sanggune

Source : 19 Issue: 3Published : 2023-09View : 1529
Investigating Factors that affect Attitude on Electric Vehicles for Global Climate Change and Environmental Policy

MUN, Hyeongdae, Cho, Yoon Cheong

Source : 11 Issue: 3Published : 2023-09View : 1802
Aid modality and growth under post-conflict conditions

Hur, Yoon S., Han, Baran

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 2409
Labor elasticities, market failures, and misallocation: Evidence from Indian agriculture

Merfeld, Joshua D.

Source : 54 Issue: 5Published : 2023-09View : 1468
Women's Contingent Work and Allocation of Domestic Labor in South Korea

Kim, Joeun

SourcePublished : 2023-08View : 630
Uncertainty, credit and investment: Evidence from firm-bank matched data

Kim, Youngju, Lee, Seohyun, Lim, Hyunjoon

Source : 154Published : 2023-09View : 2747
Leniency Policies and Cartel Success: An Experiment

KIM, Jeong Yeol, Noussair, Charles N.

Source : 63Published : 2023-09View : 395
정부가 그만 할 일


SourcePublished : 2022-06-23View : 1584
공공기관 기능조정: 원칙과 사례


SourcePublished : 2022-09-30View : 1580
Unions and Automation Risk: Who Bears the Cost of Automation?

Lee, Changkeun, kim, olivia hye

SourcePublished : 2022-10-28View : 1613
Political ideology of nonprofit organizations

Han, Baran, Ho, Benjamin, Xia, Zizhe

Source : 1207 Issue: 1221Published : 2023-11View : 3124
Beyond reporting: What drives performance data use in sustainability management? Empirical evidence from U.S. cities

Park, Angela Y.S.

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 1780
Can German vocational training combat skill shortages in developing countries? Evidence from dual training system in the Philippines

Yamauchi, Futoshi, Kim, Tae Jong, Lee, Kye Woo, Tiongco, Marites

SourcePublished : 2023-08View : 1175
Technology adoption and jobs: The effects of self-service kiosks in restaurants on labor outcomes

Yoon, Chungeun

Source : 74Published : 2023-08View : 985
A critical review of green growth indicators in G7 economies from 1990 to 2019

Herman, Kyle S., Kim, Yeong Jae, Shayegh, Soheil, Xiang, Jun

SourcePublished : 2023-09View : 1655
US-China Competition for Winning Hearts and Minds: Survey Experimental Evidence from 13 Countries

Kim, Sung Eun, Park, Jong Hee, Rhee, Inbok, Yang, Joonseok

SourcePublished : 2022-04-07View : 1801
기업 규모와 청년 고용 : 종사자 연령별 일자리 창출구조에 대한 분석에 대한 논평


Source : 28 Issue: 2Published : 2022-08View : 338
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