Recent Submissions

A Study on the resolution of conflict on the relocation of the Daegu water intake source

OH, Jeongjin

SourcePublished : 2021View : 140
Trade and industrial policy of Ecuador

ZARATE DIAZ, Paul Marcelo

SourcePublished : 2021View : 132
Critical success factors of the overseas PPP infrastructure project from the perspective of Korea

LEE, Daehong

SourcePublished : 2021View : 136
Investment and Business Cycles: Focusing on Firms’ Capital Adjustment Costs

Nam, Changwoo

Source : 44 Issue: 1Published : 2022-02-28View : 247
Franchise Market, Contract Conditions, and Welfare Implications: Evidence from Korea

Lee, Jinkook, Seo, Myoungshik

Source : 44 Issue: 1Published : 2022-02-28View : 198
Political Economy of Immigration and Fiscal Sustainability

Hur, Jinwook

Source : 44 Issue: 1Published : 2022-02-28View : 191
Three essays on well-being in Africa

YAYO, Ake Paul Michel

SourcePublished : 2021View : 206
Preparing for the Pandemic: Strengthening Epidemiological Investigations in The Republic of Korea, 2015-20

Yechan, Moon

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 166
Ensuring Clean Water for All: Implementing a Tele Monitoring System to Better Manage Water Quality in the Republic of Korea(2007–2021)

Kim, Jeeyoung

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 199
Strengthening monitoring and evaluation to promote effective policy implementation in education sector of Somalia

JIMALE, Khadija Abdullahi

SourcePublished : 2021View : 202
E-commerce policy in Mongolia

PUREVSUREN, Khash-Erdene

SourcePublished : 2021View : 179
Effect of power outages on micro and small businesses in south west Nigeria

AMUSHITAN, Michael Adeniran

SourcePublished : 2021View : 149
The Impact of export incentives on its contribution to manufacturing export growth in Ethiopia

HUSSIEN, Abiy Mohammed

SourcePublished : 2021View : 174
Stakeholder's mental model on the causality and priority of the civil service reform agenda in the Maldives

AHMED, Shahumeel

SourcePublished : 2021View : 156
Assessing the incorporation of knowledge-sharing in the management of south-south cooperation projects

RAMOS HENDEZ, Ivonne Andrea

SourcePublished : 2021View : 210
Institutional quality and bilateral trade

May Phyo Thu

SourcePublished : 2021View : 213
Impact of foreign direct investment on export

ADJEI, Evans Elikem

SourcePublished : 2021View : 189
Analysis of the impact of ICT utilization on employee and customer

YU, Eun Hye

SourcePublished : 2021View : 232
The Effectiveness of monetary policy responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand


SourcePublished : 2021View : 228
A Study on relations between e-government, trust in government and corruption

WOO, Jeyoung

SourcePublished : 2021View : 179
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