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정책의 배신 - 좌파 기득권 수호에 매몰된 대한민국 경제 사회 정책의 비밀


SourcePublished : 2020-03View : 80
Exploring Determinants of Performance Indicator and Customer Satisfaction of Accommodation Sharing

Cho, Yoon Cheong

Source : 7 Issue: 7Published : 2020-03View : 7
Cross-Border Spillover Effect of Particulate Matter Pollution between China and Korea

Park, Hyemin, Lim, Wonhyuk, Oh, Hyungna

Source : 36 Issue: 36Published : 2020View : 190
Economic Perception to Political Performance Evaluation: Establishing Precursors to Economic Voting in Africa

Rhee, Inbok

SourcePublished : 2019-12View : 608