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도로마다 자전거·도심엔 그린 빌딩···해외 탄소중립 '이모저모'


SourcePublished : 2021-08View : 37
에너지 기술 혁신을 통한 에너지 전환


SourcePublished : 2018-09View : 32
Integrating ICT in Elections: How Uganda Implemented Biometric Voter Registration, 2001–2016

Cynthia, Mbabazi

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 118
Factors for the Decline of the Self-employed in Korea: A Search and Matching Model Approach

Kim, Jiwoon

Source : 44 Issue: 2Published : 2022-05View : 134
Does Learning Matter for Wages in Korea? International Comparison of Wage Returns to Adult Education and Training

Park, Yoonsoo

Source : 44 Issue: 2Published : 2022-05View : 152
The Impact of COVID-19 on Jobs in Korea: Does Contact-intensiveness Matter?

Aum, Sangmin

Source : 44 Issue: 2Published : 2022-05View : 161
How Social Welfare Services Work: Examining the Maternal and Child Health Care (MCH) Component of the Subsidy Re-Investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) in Nigeria (2012-2015)

Alayande, Ayantola

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 178
Promoting equitable access to government services in Peru: The National Program PAIS (Platfroms of Actions for Social Inclusion)

Laguna, Gloria

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 192
Cost-Effectiveness of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Intervention in Rural Areas of Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis Based on a Cluster Randomized Control Trial

Tadesse, Ermias, Kim, Sumin, Jung, Sunghoon, Bizuneh, Dawit Belew, Abera, Tadesse, Cha, Seungman

SourcePublished : 2022-03View : 252
Foreign Aid and Income Inequality

Kim, Sewon

SourcePublished : 2022-03View : 243
Growth, Emission, and Mitigation Aid in Developing Countries

Han, Songhee

SourcePublished : 2022-03View : 209
Spatial Pattern of Aid Allocation at the Regional Level: Evidence from 38 Sub-Saharan African Countries

Shon, Huijoo, Lee, HeeRae, Kim, Booyuel

SourcePublished : 2022-04View : 236
State-Society Synergy Through Social Capital in Indonesian Community-Driven Development

Lee, Jinhyun, Pongsilurang, Thelda

SourcePublished : 2022-03View : 196
The Network Labeling Optimization for Hidden Population Size Estimation: A Case Solution for the Bangladesh kidney Sellers Problem

Lee, Narae, Siddique, Abu Bakkar, Li, Meng-Hao, Ahmad, Manzur, Lutfay, Tariq, Haque, Reaz, El-Amine, Hadi, Koizumi, Naoru

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 168
Evaluating Economic Impact of Industrial Parks Development Projects in Ethiopia

Sime, Workenh Eshatuu, Eshetu, Almaz, Shemilis, Mestawot

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 178
Impact Evaluation of the Land Record Management Information System in the Punjab Province, Pakistan

Ullah, Inayat, Hussain, Saqib, Akhoubzi, Wafa, Hussain, Saddam, Riaz Khan, Muhammad, Jamil, Sana, Parveen, Aqsa

SourcePublished : 2021-09View : 161
The Impact of Financial Inclusion Initiatives: A Meta-analysis

Biru, Ashenafi, Molla, Alemayehu

SourcePublished : 2021-12View : 172
A Study on the resolution of conflict on the relocation of the Daegu water intake source

OH, Jeongjin

SourcePublished : 2021View : 373
Trade and industrial policy of Ecuador

ZARATE DIAZ, Paul Marcelo

SourcePublished : 2021View : 389
Critical success factors of the overseas PPP infrastructure project from the perspective of Korea

LEE, Daehong

SourcePublished : 2021View : 382
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