Recent Submissions

Establishing a Think Tank for Economic Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kim, Dongseok

SourcePublished : 2013View : 43
Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Economic Development Plans

Lee, Hyung Koo, Kim, Dongseok

SourcePublished : 2011View : 44
Innovating inter-governmental collaboration for smart emergency response system : Daejeon smart city operation center, 2010-2017

Kim, Hyelim

SourcePublished : 2020View : 130
Climate change and smart cities : a study on the application methods of water circulation technologies for smart city

An, Kiyong

SourcePublished : 2021View : 122
After ISO 50001 : a study on the performance and improvement of the energy management system in the water sector

Shin, Hongseob

SourcePublished : 2021View : 110
Integrated water management strategies centered on local governments according to the unification of water management

Ryu, Sehwan

SourcePublished : 2021View : 100
A Study on the optimal model for the expansion of integrated supply system of customized industrial water to strengthen corporate competitiveness

Ro, Kyung Yool

SourcePublished : 2021View : 76
A Study on the establishment of autonomous operation system for data-based water purification facilities

Park, Daewon

SourcePublished : 2021View : 60
A Study on the decision method of investment priorities to improve by the results in the technical diagnosis of Water Supply Network Facilities

Kim, Jeongpil

SourcePublished : 2021View : 73
Introduction of new organic matter indicator and improvement of management system for quality control of drinking water in Korea

Hwang, Junyeon

SourcePublished : 2021View : 59
System dynamics approach and causal mapping analysis for the invigoration of renewable energy business

Hong, Jungmin

SourcePublished : 2021View : 75
A Study on setting appropriate revenue water rate target reflecting the operating characteristics of each city

Jang, Heonwoo

SourcePublished : 2021View : 93
Challenges of including local women in community-based tourism in Maldives

WAHEED, Aishath Shamrath

SourcePublished : 2021View : 58
A Substitute for mother

SHIN, Songyi

SourcePublished : 2021View : 69
Migrants' remittances, financial development, and economic growth

SHELTON, Abel Chukwu

SourcePublished : 2021View : 64
The Impact of the earned income tax credit program on children's human capital formation

PARK, Yaesung

SourcePublished : 2021View : 59
Does regional bias affect to the climate change adaptation aid flows by recipient need?

PARK, Seyoung

SourcePublished : 2021View : 65
The Potential significance of the Australian hydrogen industry

O'CONNOR, Justin Edward

SourcePublished : 2021View : 68
Government-led living lab

NAM, Yoojin

SourcePublished : 2021View : 70
The Causes of youth unemployment among tertiary graduates in Ethiopia

MEKONNEN, Meaza Ambachew

SourcePublished : 2021View : 58
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