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AI 연구자가 본 챗GPT “범용 AI의 출발점…허위정보 단점”


SourcePublished : 2022-12-31View : 14564
지식재산 분야의 빅데이터 및 초거대 AI 기술 활용 방안

박성준, 박성규

SourcePublished : 2023-05View : 15708
기술 IP Stats : 인공지능 기술의 특허활동 분석 등

장인호, 박성준, 정찬식, 박성규

SourcePublished : 2023-06View : 15704
An experimental study to understand user experience and perception bias occurred by fact-checking messages

Park, Sungkyu, Park, Jamie Yejean, Chin, Hyojin, Kang, Jeong-han, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2021-04View : 15581
The presence of unexpected biases in online fact-checking

Park, Sungkyu, Park, Jaimie Yejean, Kang, Jeong-han, Cha, Meeyoung

Source : 2 Issue: 1Published : 2021-01View : 322
Natural Disasters, Local Economic Impacts and Migration: Evidence from the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Fernando, A. Nilesh, Yoon, Chungeun

SourcePublished : 2024-06View : 6400
Energy Transitions Post–Russia–Ukraine War: Challenges and Policy Implications in Germany and Italy

Kim, Yeong Jae, Min, Kyonggi, Cho, Seong-Hoon

SourcePublished : 2024-06View : 6498
New Indicators of Global Integration Using Input-Output Analysis

Kim, Dongseok

Source : 46 Issue: 2Published : 2024-05-31View : 6488
A Theoretical Analysis of Public Procurement for Innovation

Hwang, Sunjoo

Source : 46 Issue: 2Published : 2024-05-31View : 6497
Effects of Stockholders’ Secondary Tax Liability on Corporate Investment

Lee, Jangwook

Source : 46 Issue: 2Published : 2024-05-31View : 1413
Manifestation of Depression and Loneliness on Social Networks: A Case Study of Young Adults on Facebook

Park, Sungkyu, Kim, Inyeop, Lee, Sang Won, Yoo, Jaehyun, Jeong, Bumseok, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2015-03View : 1148
Approaches to Successful Entry of the Ride-sharing Service for Startups

Park, Sungkyu, Park, Jaram, Cho, Suyeon, Won, Jaeyeon

SourcePublished : 2017-05View : 438
Learning Sleep Quality from Daily Logs

Park, Sungkyu, Li, Cheng-Te, Han, Sungwon, Hsu, Cheng, Lee, Sang Won, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2019-08View : 446
Mitigating Embedding and Class Assignment Mismatch in Unsupervised Image Classification

Han, Sungwon, Park, Sungwon, Park, Sungkyu, Kim, Sundong, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2020-08View : 458
Voice of the Employees Resonated in Online Bamboo Forests

Park, Kunwoo, Park, Jaram, Park, Sungkyu, Kim, Jaewoo, Kwon, Sejeong, Kwak, Jinah, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2013-07View : 578
A Risk Communication Event Detection Model via Contrastive Learning

Shin, Mingi, Han, Sungwon, Park, Sungkyu, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2020-12-12View : 567
Unified Neural Topic Model via Contrastive Learning and Term Weighting

Han, Sungwon, Shin, Mingi, Park, Sungkyu, Jung, Changwook, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2023-05View : 580
Using Web Data to Reveal 22-Year History of Sneaker Designs

Park, Sungkyu, Song, Hyeonho, Han, Sungwon, Weldegebriel, Berhane, Manovich, Lev, Arielli, Emanuele, Cha, Meeyoung

SourcePublished : 2022-04View : 584
Labor Space: A Unifying Representation of the Labor Market via Large Language Models

Kim, Seongwoon, Ahn, Yong-Yeol, Park, Jaehyuk

SourcePublished : 2024-05-16View : 604
Understanding Users’ Dissatisfaction with ChatGPT Responses: Types, Resolving Tactics, and the Effect of Knowledge Level

Kim, Yoonsu, Lee, Jueon, Kim, Seoyoung, Park, Jaehyuk, Kim, Juho

SourcePublished : 2024-03-20View : 451
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