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2018 Article E-leadership: an Empirical Study of Organizational Leaders' Virtual Communication Adoption

Liu, Cheol, Ready, David, Roman, Alexandru, Van Wart, Montgomery, Wang, XiaoHu, McCarthy, Alma, Kim, Soonhee

Citation : Leadership & Organization Development Journal, v.39, no.7, pp.826 - 843, 2018
2018 Article Applying a New Approach to Estimate the Net Capital Stock of Transport Infrastructure by Region in South Korea


2018 Article Impact of the Expansion of Private Brands on Korean Retail and Manufacturing


Citation : vol. 40, page. 1 - 21, 2018
2018 Article The Intergenerational Effects of Tax Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model with Housing Assets


2018 Article Does Early Incubating Improve the Performance of Start-ups?: Evidence from TIPS in Korea


2018 Article Firms' Adjustments to Employment Protection Legislation: Evidence from South Korea

Baek, Jisun, Park, Wooram

Citation : ILR REVIEW, v.71, no.3, pp.733 - 759, 2018
2018 Article Does Greater School Autonomy Make a Difference? Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment in South Korea

Hahn, Youjin, Wang, Liang Choon, Yang, Hee-Seung

Citation : JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS, v.161, pp.15 - 30, 2018
2018 Article Public Sector Corruption in the U.S. Local Debt Finance: Do Local Governments Pay a Corruption Premium?

Liu, Cheol, Tima T. Moldogaziev

Citation : 예산정책연구, v.07, no.01, pp.25 - 48, 2018
2018 Article Applying a New Approach to Estimate the Net Capital Stock of Transport Infrastructure by Region in South Korea

Lee, Jongyearn

Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, v.40, no.2, pp.23 - 52, 2018
2018 Book Chapter 정책실험 수행지침


Book : 사회정책 효과성 평가를 위한 정책실험 도입방안 연구Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2018 Working Paper Financial Information Disclosure Readability, Financial Education, and Financial Decision Making


Series : KDI School Working Paper 18-04
2018 Book 한국 경제 4대 마약을 끊어라 - 권태호 묻고 유종일 답하다

유종일, 권태호

Publisher : 페이퍼로드
2018 Article 체제전환 20년: 소득불평등, 제도 발전, 그리고 경제 성장에 관한 실증연구

최창용, 김대홍

Citation : 지역발전연구, v.27, no.1, pp.27 - 66, 2018
2018 Article 고령화시대 정책과제와 정책 거버넌스 평가


Citation : 한국거버넌스학회보, v.25, no.1, pp.95 - 122, 2018
2018 Article 한국인의 이념지형과 정책선호

최창용, 최슬기

Citation : 정부학연구, v.24, no.1, pp.157 - 191, 2018
2018 - Seminar on SDGs and Development Policy

Lee, Dawoon

2018 Book Chapter New Evidence on Trust and Well-Being

John F. Helliwell, Haifang Huang, Wang, Shun

Book : The Oxford Handbook of Social and Political TrustPublisher : Oxford University Press.
2018 Article 한국경제 양극화의 역사적 기원, 구조적 원인, 해소 전략 ― 외환위기 기원론과 성장체제전환 지체론 ―


Citation : 경제발전연구, v.24, no.1, pp.1 - 31, 2018
2018 Article Smart Cities: A New Age of Digital Insecurity

Joo, Yu-Min, Tan, Teck-Boon

Citation : SURVIVAL, v.60, no.2, pp.91 - 106, 2018
2018 Article Dual policy to fight urban shrinkage: Daegu, South Korea

Joo, Yu-Min, Seo, Bokyong

Citation : CITIES, v.73, pp.128 - 137, 2018
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