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2019 Working Paper Why Does the Propensity to Home Ownership Vary?: Focusing on the Role of Borrowing Constraints

Cho, Man, PARK, Soojin

Series : KDI School Working Paper 19-04
2019 Article Health Capacity to Work at Older Ages in South Korea: Estimates and Implications for Public Pension Policies


Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 41-58, 2019
2019 Article Equity across Generations and Uncertainty within a Generation: A Welfare Analysis of the National Pension System


Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 1-39, 2019
2019 Article Use, Cost, and Digital Divide in Online Public Health Care: Lessons from Denmark

Kim Normann Andersen, Jeppe Agger Nielsen, Kim, Soonhee

Citation : Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, v.13, no.2, pp.197 - 211, 2019
2019 Article Sales Compensation and Recommendations as the Fund of the Month


Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Policy, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 59-79, 2019
2019 Working Paper A Typology and Life Satisfaction of Older Koreans: A Longitudinal Comparison

Jung, Kwon

Series : KDI School Working Paper 19-12
2019 Working Paper Trustful Competitor & Distrustful Cooperator: Impacts of Assessment Biases on Trustworthy Coopetition in Policy

Lee, Junesoo

Series : KDI School Working Paper 19-08
2019 Article Collaborative Accountability for Sustainable Public Health: A Korean Perspective on the Effective Use of ICT-Based Health Risk Communication

Lee, Tae Jun, Hyojung Park, Lee, Junesoo

Citation : Government Information Quarterly, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 226-236, 2019
2019 Article Building a More Resilient Health System after Ebola in Liberia

Dreisbach, Tristan

2019 Article Creating an electronic tax administration system in Zambia

Dreisbach, Tristan

2019 Working Paper The Development of Korean Social Insurance and the Challenges: Inclusiveness and Sustainability

Yun, Heesuk

Series : KDI School Working Paper 19-05
2019 Article Using government websites to enhance democratic E-governance: A conceptual model for evaluation

Seulki Lee-Geiller, Lee, Tae Jun

Citation : Government Information Quarterly, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 208-225, 2019
2019 Conference 리츠 상장 활성화 방안: 시장·제도적 요인의 검토


Conference Name : 2019 부동산금융투자포럼 세미나Place : KO
2019 Article Operationalizing the Definition of E-leadership: Identifying the Elements of E-leadership.

Montgomery Van Wart, Alexandru Roman, XiaoHu Wang, Liu, Cheol

Citation : International Review of Administrative Science, vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 80-97, 2019
2019 Article Improving public transportation in the Seoul metropolitan area

KIM, Jeongho, KWON, Hyomin

2019 Article Implementing a Real Name Financial Transaction System to Increase Transparency and Reduce Corruption

Won Hyuk Lim

2019 Book Chapter 제6장 사회보험의 포용성과 지속가능성 제고 방안


Book : 포용성장의 비전과 전략Publisher : 한국보건사회연구원
2019 Book Chapter CHAPTER 2 Changing World Happiness

John F. Helliwell, Haifang Huang, Wang, Shun

Book : World Happiness Report 2019Publisher : UN SDSN(Sustainable Development Solutions Network)
2019 Article Building Communitybased Resilience in the Municipality of San Francisco, Cebu, Republic of the Philippines

CHENG, Ranel Ram, KIM, Taejong

2019 Working Paper How the Volume-based Waste Fee Policy Increased Household Recycling Rates in the Republic of Korea (1995-2009)

Kim, Dong Young

Series : GDI Case Study March 2019
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