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2020 Development Studies Series The Socio-economic Effect of Community-Driven Development in Conflict-affected Regions: Evidence from Cambodia

Choi, Syngjoo, Jung, Hye-Ryoung, Kim, Booyuel, Kim, Tae Jong, Yang, Hee-Seung

Series : Development Studies Series 06
2020 Development Studies Series Budgetary Punctuations: A Fiscal Management Perspective

Liu, Cheol

Series : Development Studies Series 08
2020 Development Studies Series Corruption and Tax Structure in American States

Liu, Cheol, John L. Mikesell

Series : Development Studies Series 07
2020 Article 주택수요 탄력성에 대한 실증분석:시기별·지역별 변화를 중심으로

박수진, 유승동, 김경환, 조만

Citation : 응용경제, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 51-84, 2020
2020 Article Limits of engagement? The sunshine policy, nuclear tests, and South Korean views of North Korea 1995–2013

Bae, Joonbum

Citation : International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 411-443, 2020
2020 Development Studies Series Endline Report for the Self-Supporting Rural Development Project with Saemaul Undong's Participatory Approach in Myanmar

Kim, Booyuel, Choi, Syngjoo

Series : Development Studies Series 05
2020 Development Studies Series Korean Industrialization, Skill Demand, and Wage Premium

Lee, Changkeun

Series : Development Studies Series 01
2020 Development Studies Series 북한 세금제도와 국가-주민 간 신뢰 관계

최창용, 임을출

Series : Development Studies Series 09
2020 Development Studies Series 북한 경제 대외개방 후생효과와 중국의 영향

최창용, 정혁

Series : Development Studies Series 10
2020 Development Studies Series Local Nutritional Availability and Adult Height: Evidence from South Korea, 1946-1977

Lee, Chulhee

Series : Development Studies Series 02
2020 Development Studies Series Changes in Anthropometric Measures of Wellbeing in Korea from 1945 to 1977: Evidence from Korean Military Records

Lee, Chulhee

Series : Development Studies Series 03
2020 Development Studies Series Constructing County-Level Data for Agricultural Inputs and Analyzing Agricultural Productivity, 1951-1980

Lee, Chulhee

Series : Development Studies Series 04
2020 Article Halting an Infectious Disease Outbreak: Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control Contains Lassa Fever and Sets a Prevention Plan, 2015 to 2017

Awofe, Kayode Ibrahim

2020 Working Paper Smallholders, Market Failures, and Agricultural Production: Evidence from India

Merfeld, Joshua

Series : IZA DP No. 13682
2020 Article Market Access Approach to Urban Growth

Yoon, Sang Moon

Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Polilcy, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 1-32, 2020
2020 Article Do Patents Lead to an Increase in Firm Value? Evidence from Korea

Lee, Jang Wook

Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Polilcy, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 33-52, 2020
2020 Article Charting three trajectories for globalising public administration research and theory

Ashley, Shena, Kim, Soonhee, Lambright, William H

Citation : Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 11-22, 2020
2020 Article Disability and Occupational Labor Transitions: Evidence from South Korea

Rhee, Serena

Citation : KDI Journal of Economic Polilcy, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 53-85, 2020
2020 Article 체제전환 이후 사회자본과 삶의 만족도 변화에 대한 연구

최창용, 김희삼, 우혜영

Citation : 지역발전연구, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 25-56, 2020
2020 Article Strengthening Budgeting for Sustainable Development: Uganda’s Transition from Output-Based Budgeting to Program-Based Budgeting

Ssekitoleko, Joseph

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