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2022 Article COVID-19, Childcare and Women’s Labor Supply

백지선, 박우람

Citation : The Korean Economic Review, vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 323-345, 2022
2022 Article The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks: Evidence from Geopolitical Swings on the Korean Peninsula*

Ha, Jongrim, Lee, Seohyun, So, Inhwan

Citation : Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 84, no. 1, pp. 21-56, 2022
2022 Article A "Ballpark" Assessment of Social Distancing Efficiency in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kim, Tae Jong, Kim, Hyosun

Citation : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, no. 3, 2022
2022 Article Early-life exposure to earthquakes and its long-term effects on human capital outcomes: The case of Myanmar

Par, Tial Len, Ten, Gi Khan, Lee, Ju Ho

Citation : Journal of Asian Economics, vol. 78, 2022
2022 Article The Korean Economy in the Swirl of Pandemic

Cho, Dong Chul

Citation : Korea's Economy, vol. 32, pp. 1-8, 2022
2022 Article Efficiency or Equity? Determinants of Regional Allocation of Infrastructure Investment in the Republic of Korea

Lee, Jongyearn

Citation : The Korean Economic Review, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 73-108, 2022
2022 Article COVID-19 상황 인식이 백신 접종 의향에 미치는 영향 - MZ세대가 갖는 정부신뢰의 조절효과를 중심으로 -

노환호, 이태준, 고명철

Citation : Crisisonomy, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 69-86, 2022
2022 Article Identity and Status: When Counterspeech Increases Hate Speech Reporting and Why

Kim, Jae Yeon, Sim, Jaeung, Cho, Daegon

Citation : Information Systems Frontiers, 2022
2022 Book Chapter Communicating in an evolving and fast-paced digital age

Pilichowski, Elsa, Bellantoni, Alessandro, Alfonsi, Carlotta, Cazenave, Emilie, Matasick, Craig, Paulina Lopez Ramos, Lee, Tae Jun

Book : OECD Report on Public Communication: The Global Context and the Way ForwardPublisher : OECD
2022 Article Lifestyle segmentation of older Koreans: a longitudinal comparison of segments and life satisfaction

Jung, Kwon, Jung, Jihye

Citation : Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, vol. 34, no. 1, pp. 3-30, 2022
2022 Article Disasters and intergroup peace in sub-Saharan Africa

Chung, Eunbin, Rhee, Inbok

Citation : Journal of Peace Research, vol. 59, no. 1, pp. 58-72, 2022
2022 Book Chapter Linking justice and employee performance in public organizations

Rubin, Ellen V., KANG, Minsung Michael

Book : Research Handbook on Motivation in Public AdministrationPublisher : Edward Elgar
2022 Capstone A Study on the analysis of the success factors of collaborative governance and a plan for activation

BAIK, Mina

Publisher : KDI School
2022 Thesis China in Sri Lanka

DIAS, Galagama Sachini

Awarded : 2022Department : KDI School, Master of Public Policy
2022 Thesis Fostering innovation ecosystem in Mongolia

BATZEVEG, Oyu-erdene

Awarded : 2022Department : KDI School, Master of Public Policy
2022 Capstone A Study on the urban flood response system

KIM, Hyo-Sung

Publisher : KDI School
2022 Capstone A Study on the development of sustainable water circulation city

KIM, Jiwon

Publisher : KDI School
2022 Capstone Measuring ICT driven public sector innovation

KIM, Wooyoung

Publisher : KDI School
2022 Capstone A Study on the analysis of water management issues using text mining based on government press release and online news data

YOO, Seungyeol

Publisher : KDI School
2022 Capstone Analysis of Korean and global indicators and policy proposal for sustainable development goals

MIN, Jungeun

Publisher : KDI School
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