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2021 Development Studies Series Financial Consumer Protection in the Era of Digital Transformation: A critical survey of literature and policy practices

Cho, Man, Park, Soojin

Series : Development Studies Series DP 21-04
2021 Development Studies Series Did Financial Consumers Benefit from the Digital Transformation? An Empirical Investigation and a Case Study

Park, Soojin, Cho, Man

Series : Development Studies Series DP 21-05
2021 Article Empowering the frontline: internal and external organizational antecedents of teacher empowerment

KANG, Minsung Michael, Park, Soohyun, Sorensen, Lucy C.

Citation : Public Management Review, 2021
2021 Book Chapter 국제공헌

문진영, 이인복, 최장호

Book : 2021 국가의제와 미래전략Publisher : 경제인문사회연구회
2021 Article Inclusive Governance and Biodiversity Conservation: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Ullah, Inayat, Kim, Dong Young

Citation : Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 7, pp. 3847, 2021
2021 Article Understanding Credit Card Usage Behavior of Elderly Korean Consumers for Sustainable Growth: Implications for Korean Credit Card Companies

Jung, Kwon, Kang, Moon Young

Citation : Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 7, 2021
2021 Article Exploring Factors on Identity of Korean Diaspora: Perspectives of Millennial Generation

Hong, Minoak, Cho, Yoon Cheong

Citation : The Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 15-26, 2021
2021 Article The effect of family planning exposure on fertility choices and reproductive health care in rural Pakistan

Khan, Qaisar, Wang, Shun

Citation : Journal of Asian Economics, vol. 73, 2021
2021 Working Paper Ethnicity is not public service destiny: The political logic of service distribution in South Africa

Porten, John, Rhee, Inbok, Gibson, Clark

Series : WIDER Working Paper 2021/63
2021 Article Platform Government in the Era of Smart Technology

Kim, Soonhee, Andersen, Kim Normann, Lee, Jungwoo

Citation : Public Administration Review, vol. 82, no. 2, pp. 362-368, 2021
2021 Book Financial Liberalization and Economic Development in Korea, 1980–2020

Park, Yung Chul, Kim, Joon Kyung, Park, Hail

Publisher : Harvard University Asia Center
2021 Book Thanks to Trump’s rhetoric, Asian Americans are moving toward the Democratic Party

Chan, Nathan Kar Ming, Kim, Jae Yeon, Leung, Vivien

Publisher : Washington Post’s Monkey Cage
2021 Book Chapter COVID-19 Prevalence and Well-being: Lessons from East Asia

Ma, Mingming, Wang, Shun, Wu, Fengyu

Book : World Happiness Report 2021Publisher : UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
2021 Book Chapter Happiness, trust, and deaths under COVID-19

Helliwell, John, Huang, Haifang, Wang, Shun, Norton, Max

Book : World Happiness Report 2021Publisher : UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
2021 Book World Happiness Report 2021

Publisher : UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
2021 Article 국제개발협력의 키워드 변화 텍스트마이닝 분석: 「OECD 국제개발협력보고서」(1997-2018)

김수현, 손욱

Citation : 국제개발협력연구, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 19-39, 2021
2021 Article The Impact of Minimum Wage Policy on Employment in Myanmar

KYAW, Min Thu, Cho, Yoon Cheong

Citation : The Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 31-41, 2021
2021 Working Paper Samoa:2021 Article IV Consultation

Kashiwase, Kenichiro, Lee, Seohyun, Alcantara, Daniela, Singh, Reshika, Hunter, Leni, Hillier, Cory, Pampolina, Jonathan, Lee Burns, Barend De La Beer, Ivanyk, Natalia, Temes, Luis, Webb, James, Shiu Raj Kumar, Kim Edwards

Series : Country Report No. 2021/056
2021 Working Paper Public Debt in the Pacific—A Rising Concern

Schneider, Todd, Lee, Seohyun, Lu, Yinqiu, Roger, Scott

Series : Departmental Paper No. 2021/004
2021 Article Double-edged cohesion: Multidimensional impacts of community governance’s cohesion in community-driven development

Kim, Booyuel, Lee, Junesoo, Chung, Jongwoo

Citation : Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society, vol. 52, no. 4, pp. 486-504, 2021
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