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2021 Thesis The Impact of the earned income tax credit program on children's human capital formation

PARK, Yaesung

Awarded : 2021Department : KDI School, Master of Public Policy
2021 Thesis Government-led living lab

NAM, Yoojin

Awarded : 2021Department : KDI School, Master of Development Policy
2021 Thesis Challenges of including local women in community-based tourism in Maldives

WAHEED, Aishath Shamrath

Awarded : 2021Department : KDI School, Master of Development Policy
2021 Thesis A Substitute for mother

SHIN, Songyi

Awarded : 2021Department : KDI School, Master of Development Policy
2021 Capstone Climate change and smart cities : a study on the application methods of water circulation technologies for smart city

An, Kiyong

Publisher : KDI School
2021 Dissertation Policy and political changes in advanced countries and its impact to the international financial market focusing on emerging economies

CHUNG, Woo Jin

Awarded : 2021Department : KDI School, Ph.D in Public Policy
2021 Capstone Critical success factors of the overseas PPP infrastructure project from the perspective of Korea

LEE, Daehong

Publisher : KDI School
2021 Capstone Trade and industrial policy of Ecuador

ZARATE DIAZ, Paul Marcelo

Publisher : KDI School
2021 Capstone A Study on the resolution of conflict on the relocation of the Daegu water intake source

OH, Jeongjin

Publisher : KDI School
2021 Book 메타버스 산업의 이해와 정책과제

구자현, 이창근, 임현도, 윤민섭, 박소현, 박지혜, 이가영

Publisher : 한국개발연구원
2021 Capstone A Study on the optimal model for the expansion of integrated supply system of customized industrial water to strengthen corporate competitiveness

RO, Kyung Yool

Publisher : KDI School
2021 Article COVID-19 and Asian Americans: How Elite Messaging and Social Exclusion Shape Partisan Attitudes

Chan, Nathan, Kim, Jae Yeon, Leung, Vivien

Citation : Perspectives on Politics, 2021
2020 Article Energy Transition in South Korea: Energy Democracy, Collaborative Governance or Conflict Expansion?

Kim, Dong Young

Citation : The Korean Association for Governance, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 75-113, 2020
2020 Book 혁신창업 및 기업가정신 생태계 모니터링 사업(6차년도): 핀란드의 혁신창업 및 기업가정신 생태계 연구

이태준, 김영환, 김선우, 김지은

Publisher : 과학기술정책연구원
2020 Book Chapter Exporting new city developments? From new towns to smart cities

Joo, Yu-Min

Book : Exporting Urban Korea?: Reconsidering the Korean Urban Development ExperiencePublisher : Routledge
2020 Book Chapter 국제개발협력 추진체계에 관한 연구: 분석틀과 개편방안


Book : 주요 선진공여국의 국제개발협력 추진체계 개편연구Publisher : Korea Development Institute
2020 Book 주요 선진공여국의 국제개발협력 추진체계 개편연구

Publisher : Korea Development Institute
2020 Article Lowest-low fertility in South Korea: Policy and domestic labor supports and the transition to second birth

Kim, Joeun, Luke, Nancy

Citation : Social Forces, vol. 99, no. 2, pp. 700-731, 2020
2020 Article 개도국 탈산업화 현상의 이해


Citation : 국제통상연구, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 1-19, 2020
2020 Book The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

Anthea Mulakala, Sabina Dewan, Zothan Mawii, Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu, Randeep Sudan, Zhou Taidong, Xue Qi, Benjamin Lokshin, Artemy Izmestiev, Julie Adiwal, Hur Jai-Joon

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