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Issue Date Type Title
2007 Article 180 Years' Evolution of the US Mortgage Banking System: Lessons for Emerging Mortgage Markets

Cho, Man

Citation : International Real Estate Review, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 171-212, 2007
2020 Working Paper A Comparative Research on the Variations of PPP Contracts: Availability Payment PPP vs. Concession PPP

Cho, Man, Park, Soojin, Hwang, Min

Series : KDI School Working Paper 20-06
2008 Conference Appraisal Bias: A Prime Suspect of Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Cho, Man, deRitis, Cristian, Rosenblatt, Eric

Conference Name : Allied Social Science Associations - 2008 Annual MeetingPlace : US
1997 Article Appraisals, Transaction Incentives, and Smoothing

Chinloy, Peter, Cho, Man, Megbolugbe, Isaac

Citation : Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, vol. 14, no. 1-2, pp. 89-111, 1997
2010 Working Paper Asset Market Correlation and Stress Testing: Cases for Housing and Stock Markets

Cho, Man, Min, Insik

Series : KDI School Working Paper 10-09
2011 Article Collateral Risk in Residential Mortgage Defaults

Yang, Tyler T., Lin, Che-Chun, Cho, Man

Citation : JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND ECONOMICS, v.42, no.2, pp.115 - 142, 2011
2019 Conference Comparative Research on PPP Contracts: Availability Payment vs. Concession Deals

Min Hwang, Soo Jin Park, Cho, Man

Conference Name : The 24th AsRES Annual Conference 2019Place : CC
1997 Article Congestion Effects of Spatial Growth Restrictions: A Model and Empirical Analysis

Cho, Man

Citation : Real Estate Economics, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 409-438, 1997
2016 Article Contagious Housing Price Cycles: Drivers, Contagion Channels, and Policy Responses

Cho, Man

Citation : Real Estate Finance, v.33, no.3, pp.99 - 135, 2016
2012 Working Paper Contagious Real Estate Cycles: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications

Cho, Man

Series : KDI School Working Paper Series 12-05
2008 Conference Default Risk and Relative Values of "Exotic" Mortgage Products: A Multi-factor Simulation Approach

Yang, Yang, Lin, Che-Chun, Cho, Man

Conference Name : 2008 AREUEA Annual ConferencePlace : US
2021 Development Studies Series Did Financial Consumers Benefit from the Digital Transformation? An Empirical Investigation and a Case Study

Park, Soojin, Cho, Man

Series : Development Studies Series DP 21-05
1997 Article Do Borrowing Constraints Change U.S. Homeownership Rates?

Linneman, Peter, Megbolugbe, Isaac F., Wachter, Susan M., Cho, Man

Citation : Journal of Housing Economics, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 318-333, 1997
2016 Book Dynamics of Housing in East Asia

Renaud, Bertrand, Kim, Kyung-Hwan, Cho, Man

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
2021 Development Studies Series Financial Consumer Protection in the Era of Digital Transformation: A critical survey of literature and policy practices

Cho, Man, Park, Soojin

Series : Development Studies Series DP 21-04
2020 Conference FinTech Megatrends: An Assessment of Their Industrial and Welfare Implications

Cho, Man

Conference Name : KDIS-WB DIME Conference on Impact Evaluation in Governance and FinancePlace : KO
2021 Development Studies Series FinTech Megatrends: An Assessment of Their Industrial and Welfare Implications

Cho, Man

Series : Development Studies Series DP 21-03
2019 Conference FinTech Megatrends: Their current states & policy implications

Cho, Man

Conference Name : 2019 IAFICO Annual Conference: Global Forum for Financial ConsumersPlace : IO
2016 Article Globalizing REITs: What International best Practices have Emerged?

Cho, Man

Citation : 금융연구, v.30, no.3, pp.1 - 48, 2016
2008 Conference Growth with Stability in the Korean Mortgage Market: Lessons from the Us Subprime Debacle

Cho, Man, Kim, Kyung-Hwan, Renaud, Bertrand

Conference Name : The 13th Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) Annual Meeting and International ConferencePlace : RE
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