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2016-05The Impact of Project-Based Learning on Teacher Self-Efficacy
Choi, Junghee, Kim, Booyuel, Lee, Ju-Ho, Park, Yoonsoo, 2016-05
Choi, Junghee; Kim, Booyuel; Lee, Ju-Ho; Park, Yoonsoo1162
2016-10An Empirical Analysis on the Geography of Korea’s High-Tech Jobs and Start-Ups
Lee, Ju-Ho, Jee, Sang Hoon, Oh, Ho-Young, 2016-10
Lee, Ju-Ho; Jee, Sang Hoon; Oh, Ho-Young412
2016-05Korea´s Age-Skill Profile from PIAAC: Features and Puzzles
Lee, Ju-Ho, 2016-05
Lee, Ju-Ho453
2016-05Skills and Wages of Public Employees: Investigating Korean Bureaucracy through PIAAC
Lee, Ju-Ho, 2016-05
Lee, Ju-Ho419