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2006-04Does corporate governance predict firms' market values? time series evidence from Korea
Black, Bernard S., Kim, Woochan, 2006-04
Black, Bernard S.; Kim, Woochan214
2002-05-08Does Corporate Governance Matter? (Evidence from the Korean Market)
BLACK, BERNARD S., Jang, Hasung, 2002-05-08
BLACK, BERNARD S.; Jang, Hasung277
2004-08Predicting firm's corporate governance choices : evidence from Korea
Kim, Woochan, Black, Bernard S., 2004-08
Kim, Woochan; Black, Bernard S.222
2008-11How Corporate Governance Affects Firm Value: Evidence on Channels from Korea
Black, Bernard S., Kim, Woochan, 2008-11
Black, Bernard S.; Kim, Woochan295