"Role of Human Resource Development in Economic Growth:

"Role of Human Resource Development in Economic Growth:
MYO, Lwin
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KDI School of public policy and management
With many reforms of political, economical and social sectors in Myanmar, there are needs to upgrade the personal capacity of public servants who should be able perform their work and duties proficiently in supporting government services. This study attempts to examine the training effectiveness on public service personnel, by exploring the impact of government training program on public sector administration and also by checking whether the training programs change the personal idea and ability or not. For this purpose, a survey was conducted on trainees who attended public service training program which is run by two public service institutes and the survey results are analyzed. The study is composed of six chapters: Introduction (Chapter 1), Overview of training system for civil service in Myanmar (Chapter 2), Conceptual framework (Chapter 3), Literature Review (Chapter 4), Findings and Discussion (Chapter 5), and Conclusion (Chapter 6). We analyze the results by using four levels of responses: (1) Reaction level, (2) Learning level, (3) Behavior change level and (4) Result changes level. We find that training program may improve the performance of trainees after the program that will lead to greater effectiveness for the persons who would participate in organizations’ and also nation’s development process. The effectiveness of training program would have impact on the improvement of public service delivery which will serve government reforms process in this transition period. Findings in this paper, most of the respondents revealed that an ample amount of both theoretical and practical skills are included in training programs which will lead to improve of the trainees’ capacity. In this fact, we assume that effective training program could be able to impact on the organizations achievement.
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