The Role of Civil Society Organization in Human Capital Development: Case of Azerbaijan

The Role of Civil Society Organization in Human Capital Development: Case of Azerbaijan
ISMAYILOVA, Naila Sohbet
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KDI School of public policy and management
Challenges in modern societies, such as technological evolution, a knowledge-based economy and globalization have already prompted many countries to seek new ways to be competitive. There is a belief that success depends on the people with high levels of individual competence. In other words, people are becoming valuable assets and improvement of human capital can make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of each society. The main issue of this process is to provide equal cooperation opportunity between social partners, such as government, civil society organization and private sectors. It will be effective not only to human capital development, but also in the development of society as a whole. The following proposal investigated the role of social partners in the human capital development process in the Azerbaijan. This paper mainly focused on the relationship between civil society organizations and government bodies in terms of the implementation of different state programs that related to human capital development. A conducted survey and an in-depth interview with the experts, from government agencies and civil society organizations, as well as donor organizations, help us to analyze the level of cooperation between government and civil society organizations, and also the role of civil society in this area. The study finds out some challenges that come from legislation and an unequal distribution of public funds; however, through this paper we also learn about some best practices in terms of CSOs and government partnership, which can be used as a catalyst in the improvement of the process. Taking into account all these challenges and the successful practices the paper provides recommendations that can be useful for government institutions and civil society organizations to improve their cooperation, as well as recommendations for donors.
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