Skill Mismatch in Service Sector of Bangladesh

Skill Mismatch in Service Sector of Bangladesh
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KDI School of Public Policy and Management
One of the key factors of the productivity in service sector is the match between the types of the skills that employees have and the nature of the job they are performing. There is severe mismatch between the types of education of an employee and the nature of his job in Bangladesh. Ten qualities are nearly inevitable for an employee to perform his job successfully regardless of his previous educational background. Survey questionnaire have been developed to conduct a survey among employers and high school teachers. First, employers in the firms of service sector were asked to what extent the employers think that those ten basic characteristics are required for their employees to perform at desired level and what is the current level of those ten basic characteristics among their employees. Second, high school teachers were asked to what extent they think that those ten basic characteristics are prevalent in the curriculum of high school. Both groups were also asked to express their brief opinions regarding what are the main causes of the deficiency problem, how are they responding to this problem, what they think need to be done to solve this problem by government, schools and firms etc. After analyzing responses of the employers as well as teachers, teaching methods and curriculum of high schools, policy recommendations have been suggested regarding the incorporation of the desired qualities into the curriculum of higher education.
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