About KDI Central Archives

KDI Central Archives, established in 2007, is in charge of the institutional memory of the school, including KDI School administrative records and miscellaneous historical collections. Committed to this goal, the archives identify, acquire, and maintain records of enduring value and aims to ensure their continued existence and accessibility. Providing records retention and retrieval services that assist faculty and administrative staff in ongoing operations of the school also falls in the realm of the archives.

Collections Overview

Administrative Records
The KDI Central Archives manages official records that document the administration of the KDI School.
Dean's Papers
The Archives contains papers of Dr. Gill-Chin Lim, the 1st Dean of the KDI School.
School Publications
The Archives contains newsletters, handbooks, course catalogs, commencement programs, yearbooks, and student newspapers.
Photographs, Sound Recordings and Moving Images
The Archives contains audiovisual records depicting campus scenes, buildings, events, and student activities,
Other Items
The Archives contains items documenting KDI School history.


  • 09:00 - 18:00, Weekdays (Closed on weekends and holidays.)


  • Location : 5th floor , Central Building, KDI


Community List
Position Name Contact
Head Ryoo, Sinae Tel: +82-44-550-1242 / E-Mail: saryoo@kdischool.ac.kr
Archivist Jung, Geehoon Tel: +82-44-550-1130 / E-Mail: geehoon@kdischool.ac.kr
Librarian Yoo, Hyunjin Tel: +82-44-550-4265 / E-Mail: libyoo@kdi.re.kr

Archives User Policy

  • Students are welcome to consult archive materials. If you have any questions about the KDI School history or community, please feel free to contact our archivist.
  • Please note that the KDI Central Archives is a closed-stack area. Browsing is not permitted, and all materials are non-circulating.
  • Access to institutional records (i.e., records created or maintained by KDI School offices) is governed by Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Students planning to view institutional materials are advised to contact the archives well in advance of their visit to ensure adequate time for a review.

Records Donation

  • The KDI Central Archives collects materials that document students’ experiences at the KDI School. Your personal memories of this campus can greatly enrich our archives. For more information, please contact the archives.
  • What we collect
    • - Diaries, memoirs, and commentaries on student life
    • - Drawings or paintings of campus scenes and school life, including interior views of dormitory rooms.
    • - Photographs (if dates taken and people in the photos can be identified), films, videos, and audio materials documenting student life